Lone Star Aerobatic Club thanks ALL the volunteers and pilots for

making yesterday’s First Annual Super D Contest so successful!!
The weather was beautiful, a bit hot for some, but with clear skies
and light winds!  18 pilots competed, 2 flights for each in 2 Decathlons!
It was comical, entertaining, educational and FUN!!
!st Place-Mike Gallaway
2nd Place-Mark Killian
3rd Place-Craig Dobesh

The Buzz Lightyear “Falling with Style” Trophy-Tony Wood (who gracefully fell out of a Hammerhead)

The Dusty Crophopper “I’m Ascared of Heights” Trophy-Patric Coggin (who got just ‘a little’ below 1501′)


Why the name???  Everyone flies in ONE Airplane and ONE Sequence!!
It’s the Decathlon (Super D)!!  and this year’s Sportsman Sequence!!
Saturday, July 18th at Akroville (XA68) 35 miles Northwest of DFW
This will be one of the most entertaining contests that you will ever attend!!!
This is an IAC Sanctioned one day, one airplane type, one sequence event!
It’s your chance to show your stuff (or not, as the case may be!) on an equal
basis!  And, how often do you have the chance to have a contest on a grass
Registration of $165 includes:
Entry Fee, Decathlon Rental, Fuel, Parachute, Fun, lots of smiles and hopefully
a trophy!!
Four Winds Aviation of Aero Country (McKinney) will provide 2 Super Decathlons,
parachutes, headsets and Safety Pilot (insurance pilot) if needed.  Both seats will
be occupied on all competition flights and each pilot will fly one sequence from
each aircraft.  If you’d rather compete in your own Decathlon, that’s great, just
bring ‘the claw’ or other tie-down equipment.  There is plenty of space for tie-downs
for anyone who’d like to fly in!!
Festivities (Food, Beverages, fun) Begins Friday-Sunday!  Bring a tent (lots of space
to camp out), sleeping bag (the Big Ass Fan makes the hangar sleepable, if you’d like)
and extra refreshments and food.   There’s also hotels nearby and car-pooling will be
If you don’t want to fly, come out to judge!!  This is also a great opportunity to practice
judging!  At the very least, come on out just to have a fun time!
Akroville  or
Contest Director:  Curt Richmond  972-948-9810
Airport:  Tony Wood  817/658-7479
              Julia Wood  817/658-4569
Aerial and Ranch-11










 [Click Here] for results and pictures!



On behalf of our membership, welcome to the Lone Star Aerobatic Club – IAC Chapter 24!!

Our club is a diverse group of sport, competition, and airshow pilots, builders, mechanics, and enthusiasts.  Along with world renowned show pilots and past national champions, Chapter 24 has members that are highly skilled in aerobatic instruction.  We are affiliated with several aerobatic schools in the DFW area.  Our goal is to foster communication about aerobatics amongst our members and enhance the safety and enjoyment of the sport.

The members of the Lone Star Aerobatic club have a passion for aviation and aerobatics! Whether you’re a pilot, aspiring pilot, or just love aviation then come join us as membership is open to all!

Lone Star Aerobatic Club is also part of the International Aerobatic Club as IAC Chapter 24. In addition many of our members are a part of the International Council of Air Shows Inc. (ICAS), Experimental Aviation Association (EAA), as well as many others.

We LOVE Aerobatics!!! The only thing better than the airplanes, horsepower, smoke, and G’s… Doing it all INVERTED!

This is an exciting year of aerobatic activity here in North Texas!  Along with attending regional contests, fly-ins, and airshows, IAC Chapter 24 will hold monthly fly-in/meetings throughout the year.  Our famous Lone Star Aerobatic Championship (regional contest) is held at North Texas Regional (GYI) in June each year.  The National Aerobatic Championships will be held at North Texas Regional (GYI) in September.