2014 4th Quarter Achievement Awards!!

March 2, 2015

Congratulations to the individuals on the following page who have applied for and received Achievement Awards from flying in a non-contest environment (Smooth Achievement) or at at contest (Stars Achievement) in the Fourth quarter of 2014.

1193 Blair Mohn Primary Smooth
1194 Mark Wood Primary Smooth
704 Zinnia Kilkenny Primary Stars
705 Jake Carter Primary Stars
706 Thomas Goetz Primary Stars
707 Beth Stanton Primary Stars
708 Ross Ferguson Primary Stars
709 Marian Harris Primary Stars
710 Martin Price Primary Stars
711 Mark Guerrero Primary Stars
712 Jennifer Delp-Mallet Primary Stars
713 Kevin Cordes Primary Stars
714 Dan Radke Primary Stars
715 Tom O’Neil Primary Stars
716 Sean E. Van Hatten Primary Stars
717 Mark Wood Primary Stars
907 Blair Mohn Sportsman Smooth
908 Mark Wood Sportsman Smooth
1501 Thomas Goetz Sportsman Stars
1502 Beth Stanton Sportsman Stars
1503 Ross Ferguson Sportsman Stars
1504 Dean Hickman-Smith Sportsman Stars
1505 Martin Price Sportsman Stars
1506 Dale Roberts Sportsman Stars
1507 Dave Williams Sportsman Stars
1508 Josh Horwich Sportsman Stars
1509 Ilya Pirkin Sportsman Stars
1510 Doug Burr Sportsman Stars
1511 Kevin Cordes Sportsman Stars
1512 JB Cockrill Sportsman Stars
1513 John Haag Sportsman Stars
1514 Layne Lisser Sportsman Stars
1515 Greg Savidge Sportsman Stars
1516 David Smith Sportsman Stars
1517 Sean Van Hatten Sportsman Stars
1518 Matthew Smith Sportsman Stars
1519 Chuck Walker Sportsman Stars
1520 Cameron Grossl Sportsman Stars
1521 Greg Kuehner Sportsman Stars
1522 Eric Backscheider Sportsman Stars
1523 Ross Schoneboom Sportsman Stars
1524 Mark Wood Sportsman Stars
1525 Dan Peters Sportsman Stars
498 Sean Van Patten Intermediate Smooth
499 Eric Anderson Intermediate Smooth
500 Blair Mohn Intermediate Smooth
501 Mark Wood Intermediate Smooth
502 Beth Stanton Intermediate Smooth
503 Dean Hickman-Smith Intermediate Smooth
724 Chris Combs Intermediate Stars
725 Martin Price Intermediate Stars
726 Brian Branscomb Intermediate Stars
727 Rimas Viselga Intermediate Stars
728 Robert Cockrill Intermediate Stars
729 Douglas Lovell Intermediate Stars
730 Jeff Granger Intermediate Stars
731 Chris Napier Intermediate Stars
732 Ross Schoneboom Intermediate Stars
281 Dan Radke Advanced Smooth
332 Mike Eggen Advanced Stars
333 Eric Lentz-Gauthier Advanced Stars
334 Andrew Slatkin Advanced Stars
116 Brett Hunter Unlimited Stars
8 Mark Matticola Primary Smooth
9 Beth Stanton Primary Smooth
16 Mark Matticola Sportsman Smooth
17 Beth Stanton Sportsman Smooth
11 Mark Matticola Intermediate Smooth
1 Mark Matticola Advanced Smooth
4 Mark Matticola Unlimited Smooth
1 Mark Matticola ALL FIVE
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