2019 AirVenture Recap!

September 1, 2019
Several of our members attended this years AirVenture.  The weather was perfect and the night show on Wednesday night was over the top.
The annual IAC Membership meeting was held on Friday morning and was well attended.  Ron Schreck, the Nationals CD, said that the folks in Salina, KS are very excited about us coming to their town.  Also, Ron added that there is plenty of hangar space and that the airplanes will be divided in areas of each catagory which should make it easier to move airplanes around when your catagory is scheduled.
I spoke to Bob Hart, our IAC treasurer, about the fact that we have had some push back from members that the price of the registration for National pilots is very expensice and we feel like we are supporting the entire IAC yearly budget with these fees.  Ron said that he would be happy to address this subject on a onference call at any time that is convenient to our group.  Let me know if anyone would like to be on a conference call with Bob.
John Ostmeyer is planning a pre-National camp at New Century Airport a couple of days before the Nationals.  If you have an interest in attending this camp please let John know at 913-481-8504.  There are a limited number of slots for the camp.

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