2021 Rule Changes

February 12, 2021

2021 Rule Changes:

  • Advanced Free programs may have up to 14 figures (previously limit was 12 figures)
  • Safety Pilots may not communicate with the competitor nor manipulate the controls during the Performance except as needed for safety, and any figure aided by the Safety Pilot shall be zeroed (new)
  • The crosswind limit for Primary and Sportsman is now 15 knots (previously 20 knots)
  • The Contest Jury may authorize an optional break if the forecast high temperature will result in a density altitude of 5,000 feet or higher (previously applied to airports with an elevation of 3500′ MSL or higher)
  • For figures with matching radii, the first radius sets the standard (new)
  • Wind drift during a hammerhead pivot is not penalized (re-instate a rule that was accidentally omitted in the 2020 rewrite)

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