Board Meeting Notes-17 April 2021

April 19, 2021

Here is the Agenda and Notes from the most recent board meeting:

IAC Chapter 24
Board Meeting Agenda
April 17, 2021

Call the Meeting to Order                     Tom Rhodes
Pat, Bill, Mike, David, Curt, Maggie, Bill Barnard, Julia

Secretary Report
Minutes for the December 5, 2020 meeting

Chapter 24 Treasurer’s Report  Eric McDaniel
Articles of Incorporation

IAC Treasurer Report                                      Jordan Ashley

CIVA Report                                                          Mike Galloway
Delegation coming to Dallas Nov 5,6,7 Fri, Sat, Sun

Tower Club, Field Hotel-adjacent.  Sat dinner at Tom’s.  40 people  Bill transportation.  Fri evening black tie gala at Tower Club.  Thurs-board/officers. Sat meetings all day at Tower Club.  Sun?  meetings where?  til 3pm.  10 years ago at EAA by Mike Heuer.  Handle money.  Group:  Bill, Mike, Bill, Julia, Curt

Lone Star Championship
Brief            Mike Galloway
Banquet at The Library.
Tom got the sanction, insurance.  EMS handled, portapotties still to get, staff member handling gate entrance, badges(wristbands), $1000 to airport, will invoice us.

BOD Candidate Election    
Petitions are due by April 16th. Voting starts June 30th – July 27th
Candidates:   Justin Hickson, Dagmar Kress, Johnny O, Bruce Bellew, Rob Holland, Brittany, Peggy  4 open

AirVenture – July 26th – August 1st
Celebrate IAC 50th Anniversary guidelines on website
Guidelines at EAA website
Forums – YES     Seating?

National Aerobatic Day – June 26, 2021
Activities for Chapter 24???
(Seward Contest is the same weekend.) So not able to do anything special.

Get Your Start
First Time Competitor
Gift Box – cap, coffee cup, stickers & IAC Info

Fly Days – Second Saturdays
David Valaer and Channel 12 reporter
We average 5-6 pilots for Fly Days.
Thank you, coaches:  Spanky, Curt and Tony

Contest Calendar – 28 Contest Scheduled for 2021
SnowBird Classic – 20 pilots
Estrella Classic – 23 glider pilots
Super D–July 10th is on.

LEO Award  3 contests different regions

Chapter Round Table with Jim Burke
Next meeting – May 7th at 11:30 a.m. CST

Nationals in Salina, Kansas – CD Doug Bartlett – September 16th – 24th 
Thurs/Fri unformal practice days
Sat/Sun Formal practice days
Sun noon-Friday
judges refresher course 2 weeks in advance with DJ Molny
Unlimited Team Selection
Legacy Category

(Advanced Team Practicing Now to Go to Czech Republic in July, Heuer is manager/ Rob Holland coach) (Decision Date – middle of May 2021)  Final Decision June 15th.

–Jean, Nevada 2022 AWAC

Hall of Fame Dinner – November 11, 2021
Honoring Vern Jobst for 2020 & another ???? for 2021 candidate honored too

Lindy Award – Adding a best static display award for an aerobatic airplane

Editor – Lorrie Penner
Sport Aerobatics Magazine – now will be sent every other month
(Saving IAC around $50,000)
Chapter Chatter
In the Loop  Chapter Chatter

New Committee Chairman
Judges Committee – DJ Molny – See Judges Program Report
Rules Committee – Barrett Hines – See Rules Program Report

*(If you were a current judge last year, you only need to pass this year’s R&C Exam in order to be current.)

The most salient rule changes for 2021:

  • Advanced Free Programs may have up to 14 figures (previously limit was 12 figures)
  • Safety Pilots may not communicate with the competitor nor manipulate the controls during the performance except as needed for safety, and any figure aided by the Safety Pilot will be zeroed. (new)
  • The crosswind limit for Primary and Sportsman is now 15 knots. (previously 20 knots)
  • The Contest Jury may authorize an optional break if the forecast high temperature will result in a density altitude of 5,000 feet or higher. (previously applied to airports with an elevation of 3,500 feet MSL or higher)
  • For figures with matching radii, the first radius sets the stand. (new)
  • Wind drift during a hammerhead pivot is not penalized. (re-instate a rule that was accidentally omitted in the 2020 rewrite)

Order of Flights

The new rule book specifies the flights shall be flown in this order:

Known Compulsory, Free Program and the Unknown Compulsory (20.1.2) Any changes to that order must be approved by the contest jury (not the CD) and posted in time to notify all personnel affected by the change. (20.1.4)

The liturgy that says the Known Compulsory flight is all the qualification flight has been eliminated from the 2021 rule book.

Talk Talk
Provisional Rules for Contests ie Boundary Judges.  CD has more decision power.

Sportsman Pro with unknown

Oral Exam Questions  DJ will establish formal oral exam questions.  Need ideas.

Advertise for Flying Events

Unknown Sequences for Michael Lents

Tom—propose snaps back into intermediate.  Now can be replaced by 4 point roll.

Need membership meeting.

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