Annual Chapter 24 Board of Directors Meeting December 4th Notes

December 8, 2020

Minutes from the IAC Chapter 24 BOD Zoom meeting on December 5, 2020

In attendance were:
Curt Richmond
Pat Clark
Bill Denton
Julia Wood
Tony Wood
Tom Rhodes
In attendance by zoom were:
David Valaer
Eric McDaniel

1-Approved the Minutes from the BOD meeting on June 4, 2020

2-CIVA Report-Mike Gallaway
A couple of comments were…the US will not have a judge at the WAAC contest in 2021, CIVA wants to keep the male and female contestants separate (mean flying-ha), CIVA financials are not terrific since Red Bull pulled out and the CIVA delegation will be in Dallas in November 2021 for their annual meeting.

3-WAAC July 15-24 in Hosin, Czech Republic LKHS
–Klayton Kirkland has been replaced by Jerry Riedinger
–Rob Holland, coach and Mike Heuer, manager

4-Treasurer’s Report-Eric McDaniel
–We are in very good shape.
–Checking Account: $6,161.30
–Schwab CD: $78,718.30 The CD just matured and will be re-invested this week with a 1 year Army-Navy CD at 1.2%
–Dues Paying Members: 35. 7 Members paid dues for 2021. 9 members are enrolled in yearly auto-pay.  We have 5 new members.
–EAA/IAC Renewal Dues paid: $398
–Tax Exempt Status 501(c)(3): Renewed with both the State of Texas and the Federal IRS Offices, due again in March, 2021.

5-Vote of confidence for current officers of the Board including a Chapter Reporter
–Officers elected 2 years ago by the BOD August 2018
–Per the By-Laws the BOD is elected by the membership every 4 years

6-Website-Julia Wood. Please email with any suggestions or pictures

7-Committees-Volunteers? Need a committee for Dallas CIVA 2022 Meeting.

8-2021 Contests…7 contests scheduled for 2021 so far.

9-Lone Star at North Texas Regional: The Airport Board is still debating on if they are going to allow us to have our contest at “their airport” and how much facility fee they plan to charge us.
–Lone Star is scheduled May 14-15 hopefully at N.T. Regional, Sherman, Tx
–Mike Gallaway volunteered to be Contest Director and David Valaer volunteered to be Assistant Contest Director
–The fallback airport will be Breckenridge, TX
–Giveaways…Belt Buckles, back pack, t-shirts etc. Anything else?

10-Super D Tango @ Akroville 3TX July 10, 2021

11-North Texas Regional Operations
–Michael Gilliam is the air traffic manger
–Mike Levezey is the airport and Rise Aviation manager
–Runways 9000’ and 4000’ Maybe changed to 18/36 Now 17/35 Magnetic North is changing
–5000 daily operations when flight school was there…now @ 2500
–info…4000 airports in the US with 254 control towers with 5-6 incursions daily
–We have renewed our Aerobatic box and have been approved to use a discreet frequency
–Same plan call Tom Rhodes at 214-202-7008 to schedule a time in the Box. Sorry, but this is mandatory.  Or email,

12-Judges School March 7-8 (16 were scheduled and actually 8 completed including 1 virtual)
–Tony Wood was the instructor and did a very good job
–We had 22 attendees and we made @$1000
–The requirement for 2020 have been shifted to 2021
–There are presently 127 current IAC judges
–We plan on having another Judge’s School here in Spring 2022

–Judges Test:  Wes Liu has asked for submissions of questions!  If you didn’t like the tests last year, this is our chance to submit questions!  We need to get together to think of good questions.

13-Local Airshows

14-Aerobatic symbols on the sectional charts
–We have applied for an aerobatic symbol at NT Regional and Akroville
–This symbol will be automatic in the future when an APA is issued
–Also, Bruce Ballew is working on getting a standard squawk code for us crazy aerobatic folks while we are practicing/competing.

15-National Contests
–Last year 33 contests were scheduled and 8 were flown.
–There are 7 currently scheduled in 2021
–The Regional Contest was reinstated and the South Central was the only Region that qualified. There were winners. Congratulations.

16-The 2021 Nationals
–They will take place in Salina, KS again on Sept. 19-24
–Doug Bartlett will be the CD and no asst CD has been announced yet
–In 2019, 97 pilots participated in the Nationals at Salina, KS

17-Regional Championships
–Open East…Chapter 89 Ocala, FL
–Open West…Chapter 12 Sterling, CO
–We applied but I withdrew our applicaion due the the turmoil at NT Regional.

18-Sport Aerobatic Magazine
–Will now come to you 6 times a year (not 12) with 48 pages (not 32)

19-IAC Board Elections
–John Ostmeyer plans to run for the Board. I have a sign sheet for us to sign
–Peggy, Bruce and myself are Class II directors and are up for re-election
–Doug Bartlett VP and Jordan Ashley Treasurer are up for re-election

20-Local Flight Schools…Pipeline for members
–Paul Rausbury in Arlington
–Four Winds at Aero Country
–Debby Rihn Harvey in La Porte, Tx
–Bgi Q in Midlothian, Tx

21-Chapter 24 Trailer is located at the 5R Farm in a barn
–Interior equipment rack was built by Pat Clark…Thank you Pat

22-IAC Info:
-There are 36 Chapters in the IAC in the US and 2 International Chapters
-There are 3850 members in the IAC at this time
-There is now a medal for the highest scoring bi-plane in a contest sponsored by Aviat, I believe.
-The Board has not discussed the proposed 25 rule changes for 2020 yet
-The sequences are approved with a snap added to the Intermediate P Loop (first maneuver)

23-Questions and Discussion…Akroville, call, text or email if you’d like to practice there.  214/202-7008

24-Scholarships–There are many scholarships available on the website.

25-Fly Days
–We will have flyways at NT Regional or Akroville the 2nd Saturday of every month.
–All family members are welcome and invited to attend any function!!

26-Legacy Category–Intermediate sequences flown by anyone who has competed in Advanced or Unlimited.  Flown with the advanced category down to Advanced lower altitude.

27-Placing boundary markers…North Texas Regional has approved permanent markers.  If you have time, we can place them!

28–There is a new biplane medal for the highest scoring biplane at contests this season.

Submitted by Tom Rhodes, Chapter 24 President

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