Chapter 24 Statement of Activities as a recognized under Section 501(c)(7)

March 4, 2015

Activity 1. The foremost activity of Chapter 24, International Aerobatic Club, Inc. (‘the Club’) is to sponsor an annual aerobatic competition sanctioned by the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) which is a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association, a 501(c)(3) entity. Sanctions to conduct a local or regional contest will absolutely not be granted by the IAC unless the Club is incorporated in the state in which the competition is held. To that end, our corporation is carefully maintained in good standing in Texas. This competition has been conducted each year since at least 1976, typically in June, at various venues around the North Texas area, most recently in Grayson county at North Texas Regional/Perrin Field airport. Typically, 25 to 45 pilots show up for the competition and pay an entry fee to help cover the contest costs which include insurance and sanction fees paid to the IAC, cost of trophies and awards, cost of the awards banquet, and safety equipment such as radio rentals, table & chair rentals, etc. Other costs such as shade tents and bottled water may be purchased or may be donated. Occasionally, the Club will receive sponsorship donations from aviation related interests. For example, a manufacturer may provide the trophy’s which will state they’re courtesy of ‘XXX Mfg.’. Such donations are typically from $200 – $600 and are not guaranteed at all in any particular year. The Club plans to continue these annual contests which helps promote the sport and provides an outlet for pilots to safely demonstrate their flying skills.

Activity 2. The Club occasionally hosts IAC sanctioned judges schools; one is typically scheduled every other year, but not always. The judges school is required for a person to become a sanctioned competition scoring judge. Judges, after passing the criteria and getting the required experience, are sanctioned by the IAC to be Regional judges, and with experience, can become National judges. Non-pilots attend to get involved in their pilot-friend or pilot-spouse’s hobby, or just for the interest in the sport.   Pilots attend so that they may learn how an aerobatic flight is judged to improve their piloting skills; many pilots are judges as well. Costs for a Judging School training weekend includes instructor’s travel, a facility in which to conduct the school, and materials. The cost is covered entirely by fees paid by the attendees. Instructors and materials are sanctioned and provided by the national organization; Chapter 24 merely organizes the event. The judges school helps introduce pilots to the field of aerobatics and aerobatic competition. Judges schools and any flying/judging field days helps to draw like-minded pilots into the aerobatic community.

Activity 3. The Club holds meetings 7 or 8 times per year at various locations around the DFW Metroplex (airports, restaurants, member’s hangars) primarily as a social gathering. Business is conducted informally, when needed, to manage the Club’s business such as electing board members and officers, and deciding contest or judging school details. There is no charge to attend. Members and their guests are welcome to attend these meetings – everyone pays for their own transportation, meals, etc. Sometimes a member may host an event at their facility and may at their own expense provide food and drink. These meetings are conducive to helping spread the word about the sport of aerobatics and allows interested parties to compare planes, flying techniques, technical aircraft tips, safety issues, and upcoming events.

Activity 4. The Club informally conducts aerobatic judging, and critiquing sessions at various airport facilities around the DFW Metroplex area. These sessions are always publicized at meetings, by the club newsletter, or by e-mail distribution lists to the membership, making sure to invite everyone and their guests. These sessions are nothing more than announced casual fly-in gatherings for interested parties to fly, critique and judge aerobatic flights. There are no fees or costs associated with these events.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS. The only membership requirement for Chapter 24, International Aerobatic Club, Inc., other than being a member of the International Aerobatic Club (division of the Experimental Aircraft Association), is payment of annual dues, currently @ $30 for an individual or family membership. Full voting rights and privileges are granted on payment of the annual dues. No membership certificates are issued, but rather a membership roster is maintained. Word of mouth is the primary membership solicitation method. Occasionally, a local interested party may be directed to our local club by International Aerobatic Club headquarters since we’re affiliated with the national organization.

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