Chapter Meeting August 2nd, 2014 at Akroville

March 13, 2014

Lone Star Aerobatic Club (IAC 24) 8/2/2014
At 12:35 the meeting was called to order by Curt Richmond

Members in attendance:

Meridith Benton

Eric Forsythe

Dave Honaker

Trinity Honaker

Craig Dobesh

Mike Gallaway

Kellie Smith


Tony Wood

Darren Behm

Chet Kuhn

Bud Judy

Lynda Bales

Carol Walker

Pete Setian

Scott Loper

Gary Daniels

Lynn Cromer

John Speranza

J.J. Humphreys

Paul Richmond

Jamie Richmond

Maggie Richmond

Jim Connors

Michael Evans (guest)

Brad Hammer (guest)

Bill Hammer (guest)

Rocko, Senna, Dodger-guests

At the previous board meeting the members asked Curt Richmond to complete the current term of president in place of Jim Doyle.

We set up a fund for the Doyle family. Instructions are found at The funds will be suggested to be used for Darcy’s education.

Paul Richmond made shirts as a tribute to Jim Doyle. Proceeds are to be given to the Doyle family fund.

All LSAC equipment for Nationals will be kept in the room Mike Plyer donated. Curt will verify the new waiver for the practice box at GYI has been renewed.

The website is not working. Julia Wood will manage it the website. There was much conversation about the webpage.

John Speranza has volunteered to rework the website / Julia Wood will be the go to person for website ideas. Please send her content.

Curt Richmond has formed a safety committee. Tony Wood will head the committee.

Tony discussed Jim Doyle’s accident and what we can learn from it.

Mike “Spanky” Gallaway suggested an annual “Safety Day”.

We asked for volunteers for a Vice President. No volunteers came forward.

Curt Richmond requested members and volunteers to host meetings. Once per month.

Tom Rhodes suggested a list or social way to sign up for practice flights / Group text messaging for practice flights will be added to website.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

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