Club Annual Renewal Info

January 26, 2022

11/22/2021  IAC Chapter 24

Approved Insurance Coverage
-General Liability  $1-3 million
-Products/Completed Operations $1-3 Million
-Medical Expense per person $5000
-Host Liquor $1 million
-Mobile Equipment (ie golf carts, scooters on airport only) $1-3 million

EAA Chapter Payment Information
-Chapter Dues $100
-Aviation General Liability Insurance Allocation $298

Prohibited Activities:
-Airport Ownership, management, maintenance
-Owning, operating leasing an airworth aircraft
-Aircraft fueling for a charge
-Flight Instruction
-Owning or leasing an airport or airpark
-Racing of any kind
-Flour bombing/Pumpkin drops
-Bouncy Houses/ Kiddy Rides
-Facilities that exceed 10,000 square feet
-Co-hosting with another organization
-Overnight youth camps
-Balloon breaking/ribbon cutting
-Airshows/Aerobatic Demonstrations
-Activities requiring waivered airspace (except for approved events)
-Sale of alcoholic beverages
-Simulated aerial combat
-Wing walking/parachute jumpers
-Endurance flighrs involving fuel exhaustion
-Performing at events as an EAA Chapter, including funeral public event fly-overs
-Aircraft Maintenance for a charge

Renewal Agreement
-Support the mission, vision, goals and objectives of EAA
-Maintain a non-profit incorporation status with our state
-Maintain Chapter Bylaws provided by EAA Chapter Office
-Obtain and maintain a Federal Employer Identification Number from the IRS and provide to EAA Chapter Office
-Ensure all members of our EAA Chapter who vote, hold office or pay dues are current EAA Members and IAC Members. All officers and leaders must be 18 years or older
-Participate in EAA General Liability Insurance Program.
-Report Chapter Events to EAA Risk Management Office at least 30 days prior to the even
-Use EAA Trademarks
-Operate exclusively as an EAA Chapter separate from any and all co-affliliations as a club of other organizations.
-Not to use EAA in signing any lease agreements.
-Accepts that have been granted a conditional charter that may be withdrawn.
-No paid employees
-Perform ann activities for the benefit of its members and furtherance of the Mission of EAA including electing officers and holding regularly scheduled meeting, Annual Meetings with Agendas and Minutes written and preserved as corporate records, avoiding conflicts of interests.

Upcoming Events

No events
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