Club Info

IAC Chapter 24 was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas!

Our members are from all over the country, all over the world, of all ages and are of all types! Most members live in the Dallas metroplex.  As of October, 2018 LSAC has 78 members.  Members must be in good standing with the IAC and should meet shall meet at least twice a year for receipt of reports of operation .


President: Tom Rhodes 214-202-7008
Vice President: David Valaer 503-998-9552‬
Treasurer/Secretary: Erick McDaniel 817-201-1272

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Officers which are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Any 2 offices except the President and Vice-President may be filled by the same person.

Board of Directors

Bill Denton:  214/957-9573
Pat Clark:  817/845-6445
Mike Gallaway:  214/673-9935
Julia Wood:  817/658-4569
Curt Richmond: 972/948-9810‬

The Board shall be composed of not less than 5 and not more than 9 individuals elected by the members for a term of 4 years.  The Board shall meet not less than once each calendar year.

LSAC is a non-profit organization and is in good standing with IAC and the State of Texas.  The Bylaws of Chapter 24 are available upon request.

Tom Rhodes

David Valaer

Erick McDaniel


Bill Denton

Mike Gallaway


Pat Clark

Sukhoi_Julia 2

Julia Wood

Curt Richmond

IAC Officers:
President:  Robert Armstrong     July 2020
Vice President:  Doug Bartlett   July 2019
Secretary:  Lynn Bowes                July 2020
Treasurer:  Bob Hart                    July 2019

Southwest Region Director         Jim Bourke                      July 2019
Mid-America Region Director   Gerry Molidor                 November 2019
South Central Region Director    Ron Schreck                  July 2020
Southeast Region Director           Mike Rinker                    July 2019
International Director                    Debby Rihn-Harvey      July 2020
Northwest Region Director          Peggy Riedinger              July 2019
Northeast Region Director           Rob Holland                    July 2020
Director                                        Bruce Ballew                          July 2019
Director                                        Bob Freeman                         November 2019
EAA Representative                  Norm DeWitt                         Indefinite
NAA Representative                Greg Principato                       Indefinite

Presidents Emeritus
Robert Heuer 1970-1973
Verne Jobst 1973-1978
Carl Bury 1978-1981
Mike Heuer 1981-1990/2014-2018
Steve Morris 1990-1993
Linda Hamer 1993-1996
Dr. Richard Rihn 1996-1998
Doug McConnell 1998-2001
Rob Dorsey 2001-2002
Gerry Molidor 2002-2005
Vicki Cruse 2005-2009
Doug Bartlett 2009-2012
Doug Sowder 2012-2014

Executive Office: Executive Director: Lorrie Penner

Sport Aerobatics Editorial Office: Editor Evan Peers

Program Chairman and Committees:

Achievement Awards Chair: Brittany Nielsen

Annual Awards Chair: Patty Anderson

CIVA Relations Delegate: Robert Armstrong
Alternate Delegate: Debby Rihn-Harvey
Delegates: Norm DeWitt, Jim Bourke

Collegiate Program Chair: Jordan Ashley
Lynn Bowes, Michael Lents, Dagmar Kress

IT Technical Committee Chair Tom Myers
Scoring Program: Bob Buckley
Scoring Database: Doug Lovell
DJ Molny, Brennon York,Pat Fogarty

Contest Sanctioning Chair: Robert Armstrong
Brian Howard, Steve Johnson

Editorial Committee Chair/Publisher: Robert Armstrong
Editor: Evan Peers
Membership/Marketing: Doug McConnell
Author: Beth Stanton
Executive Director: Lorrie Penner

Executive Committee Chair: Robert Armstrong
Vice President: Doug Bartlett
Secretary: Lynn Bowes
International Director:  Debby Rihn-Harvey
Treasurer: Bob Hart

Finance Committee Chair: Bob Hart
President: Robert Armstrong
Vice President: Doug Bartlett
Secretary: Lynn Bowes
Executive Director: Lorrie Penner

Glider Aerobatics Chair: Jason Stephens

Government Relations Representatives Chair & Central Region: Bruce Ballew
A.J. Hefel Central Region
Eric Minnis Eastern Region
Darren Pleasance Western Region

Hall of Fame Committee Chair: David Martin
Bob Davis
Verne Jobst
Dave Lammers
Gene Soucy
Don Taylor
Mike Goulian

Club Historian Mike Heuer

Judges Program Chair, Certification & Schools: Weston Liu Chair
Bill Finagin Instructor
Doug Hansmann Instructor
Steve Johnson Instructor
Carole Holyk Instructor
Jim Bourke Instructor
John Morrissey Instructor
DJ Molny Instructor
Wayne Roberts Instructor
John Smutny Instructor
Michael Steveson Instructor
Charlie Teeuwsen Instructor
Dave Watson Instructor
Liza Weaver Instructor
Tony Wood Instructor
Greg Dungan Instructor

Membership: Jim Bourke, Rob Holland

Nominations: Doug Sowder

Rules Committee
Greg Dungan
Weston Liu
Gerry Molidor
Doug Sowder

Known Sequence Selection Committee
Adam Cope
Howard Kirker
John Morrissey
Thore Thoresen
Matti Mecklin
Michael Lents
Rob Holland
Jason Stephens

Safety Committee Doug Sowder

Technical Safety, NW Steve Johnson
Technical Safety, SE

Regional Safety Coaches
Brett Hunter Mid-America Region
Chelsea Stein-Engberg SW Region
Weston Liu NE Region
Marty Flournoy SE Region
Tony Wood SC Region

Advertising Contact EAA Business Office: Susan Anderson

Chapter Relations:  John Egan

Insurance: EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan