December Chapter Meeting Notes!!

December 5, 2018

IAC Chapter 24 Annual Membership Meeting  December 1, 2018


To Curt Richmond for a great job as our Chapter 24 President for the past several years!!


Please send information and pictures of what is happening in the aerobatic world to

Please check out your pictures.  If you want to change your picture, submit a new picture to Julia.

Please fill out the Pilot Profile Sheet! Pilotprofile


A voting member of IAC 24 shall be in good standing with EAA, the IAC and have paid their dues.



Ezell Aviation

Possible available dates..Past Contest expenses…

Ideas for Give Aways at contests…

A booth at the Bonham Air Show


When, where and how often

Subjects to be presented: Maintaining your aircraft, inflight videos, formation flying, etc

Invited speakers Chapter pays?  ie. Allen Silver,  Ben Freelove etc


Texas Championships…Edna, Sherman and Llano

National Championships…Bill Denton,  Tom Rhodes

As you know there is real push from Robert Armstrong to move the Nationals from Oshkosh to a central site in the US.

West Open Championship at Jean Airport (OL7)  17 miles SW of Las Vegas…October 17-19…I hope that our group will participate in this contest.  We will probably be flying against the west coast folks who we seldom see at contests.


Aviation Performance Solutions at Arlington Paul Ransburg an Extra 300L


Big Q

Four Winds

Kevin Lacy’s group


Should our chapter sponsor one this year?

If so where and when?


Where to store the trailer? Modify the inside?

Will carry the chairs, boundary markers (they need to be cleaned and repaired), tools etc.

Other items in the trailer?

TREASURE’S REPORT...Daryle Grounds

Daryle has set our site up so that you can pay your dues on line

Daryle is retiring…no kidding this time.

Suggestions for a replacement…


Proposing a fly day the first Saturday of each month at Akroville subject to the Woods approval.

Insurance to cover any “organized event”  It is easy to put in place.



A visit toTracon

Hard 8 restaurant or something like this

Other suggestions..?


John Morrissey, Sergei, Coco, Tony Wood, our membership…Bill Denton, Spanky Gallaway, Curt Richmond, Julia Wood

Do we want to schedule them before the season starts or a Pre-National Camp and if so where?


Ron Schreck is our South Central representative to the IAC Board

His contact information is   704-798-5307

Should the snap be taken out of the Intermediate sequence?

Right now it has been passed from the Know Selection Committee to the Executive Committee for final review.  This committee is made up of the officers and Debbie Rihn Harvey.


Kathleen passed away several weeks ago.  Recommending that we send a contribution of the Camp Fire Boys and Girls of Ft. Worth at 2700 Meacham Blvd  Ft Worth 76137


Members are in good standing with EAA, IAC and are approved by the membership committee of the Board

Honorary members cannot vote and cannot hold office and do not pay dues

Duration of membership is one year beginning January 1-Dec 31. After June 1 dues are half!!

Officers shall be elected by the BOC for a period of 2 years: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasure.

The Board of Directors shall be elected by the voting membership for a period of 2 or 4 years. Let me know your thoughts here.

BOD will meet at least once a year.

BOD shall consist of a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 9 members.

Candidates for the BOD shall be submitted to the Election Committee made up of the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

A membership meeting shall take place at least once a year or more at the discretion of the President.


Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!!!!!

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