End of Summer Fly-In/Drive-In Chapter Party October 20th at Barstool Ranch!! 51TE

September 10, 2018
After all the rain that we have gotten, it has left the grass runway usable. We have decided  just to have a hanger party. Party will start at 6:00 pm. Food at 7:00. Live entertainment and dancing till midnight. Please bring a covered dish if possible. Hope to see you there.
We want to invite you, your family and friends to the end of summer fly in / drive in party hosted by  David Valaer and Ron Barson Saturday,  October, 20, 2018.   Good BBQ, drinks and potluck dinner will be starting at 5 P.M.    We plan for dancing with live music in the evening with the party wrapping up at around 11 PM or later so we will be having a lot of fun! We will be cooking BBQ and have beer and wine after the flying is completed.  Feel free to bring drinks of your choice, side dishes salads etc and we will have a Texas sized feast.   Feel free to spend the night if desired and bring bring sleeping bags/blow up mattresses for the grass and large hanger as  many of us will be staying in the large hanger that evening.  Obviously make plans accordingly if you fly-in to stay the evening if you’d like to have a beer, or you stay until dark as the runway isn’t lighted, or if you desire to go to a local hotel that evening and we can coordinate a ride to get you there.
 “Barstool Ranch”  has a 2300 feet long grass runway located about half way between Lancaster airport and  Mid Way airport as shown on the DFW sectional/TAC charts and identifier is 51TE . Bonanza’s,  It is a smooth grass runway and Pitts, Extra’s etc land here frequently.  Normal no or slight wind landings  are from west to east. We will be using 123.00 for our Unicom frequency and please call in advance of landing so we can advise of any traffic, any aerobatics taking place and where to park etc.   In your RSVP please let us know if you are planning on flying to the party including your type aircraft so we can be prepared.  Please note, for this event we lan only to fly-in, land, and party…no aerobatics this time.
A note of interst regarding aerobatics at this location…IAC Chapter 24 leadership is discussing having some fun aerobatic practices at Ron’s home in the future.  We are looking into some details with Ron and also coordinating with the DFW D-10 Tracon so that we can fly safely and legally.  Stay tuned!
For those driving in the address is 105 Ridgecrest Dr Waxahachie, TX  75165 which is about a 25 minute drive south of Dallas.  There is a gated entrance to the property and the gate will be open.  Please park in the area marked off for parking.
Looking forward to seeing you October 20!  If any questions please call or email David or Ron at:
Ron Barson
214-384-4513 cell
David Valaer
503-998-9552 cell

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