Everyone had fun at the Flyday last Saturday!

September 23, 2020
Our first fly day was a lot of fun.  We had 9 pilots show up and 10 fans (spectators).
If there is no traffic, the tower will allow us to use the box (surface to 4500 feet AGL).   If they have traffic they will ask the spotter (box monitor) to advise the pilot to climb above 1500 feet AGL and continuing flying.    When the traffic clears the pilot can use the entire box again.  This was not a problem.
I was very impressed with the flying considering most had not flown for many months.
Also, thanks to Curt and Spanky for their coaching.  Great job.
Remember, If you would like to use the box, give me a call to set it up a Notam and call the tower.  No problem.
214.202.7008   Tom@iac24.org

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