Fly-In at North Texas Regional. (KGYI) Saturday April 9th 10-4!

April 6, 2021

This Saturday we will be having our IAC practice day at North Texas Regional Airport/Perrin Field, Sherman, Texas, (KGYI) this Saturday April 10 from 9 to 4:30.

We park in front of the terminal building which is just slightly north of the base of the tower. We usually have around 5-10 airplanes show up and it is a great time!

We will all need to sign the box waiver before flying.

The tower is allowing us to have the pilot in the box use a discrete frequency for coaching but it requires that the coach on the ground have two hand held radios, one always monitoring tower frequency and one for talking to the pilot in the box.

If you anyone that is coming has an extra hand held or two that will help us insure we have at least two handheld radios operational at all times.

If anyone who is planning on coming could e-mail me directly that would be helpful.

Feel free to call me on my cell if you have any questions and looking forward to a great practice day this Saturday!
(503) 998-9552

Also, if any other of you might be able to help out with coaching that would be great. Johnny O is going to be in town so I am hoping that he will be able to join us and give some coaching!

David V.

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