Lone Star 2019

Thank You Everyone for braving the weather to come to the
2019 Lone Star Contest in Breckenridge, Texas this weekend!
All of YOU made this contest a success!!
21 Competitors flew ALL flights!!
16 Volunteers worked ALL flights!!
A Special Thank You to our Volunteer Crew
who worked the entire weekend!
We thank HOOKER HARNESS for donating
Drinks, Ice and the Harness Certificate!
Thursday night we enjoyed BBQ at the airport!
Friday night we ate at the Canyon Barn & Grill-where
there was Bull Riding and Dancing!
Saturday night Awards Banquetwas held at the T-Bone Ranch!
There were 4 First Time Competitors!!
Deirdre Gurry, Miles Turner, Rene Dugas, John Briner
There were3 RVs!! A -4, a -6 and a -8!
And, yes–they can spin!! Even inverted!!
Chief Judge-Pat Clark, Assistant-Lynda Judy
1-Bill Denton,Mike Plyler, Will Lipka
2-Jerry Esquanazi,Mike Winterboer, Donna Hanson
3-Chrissy Jenkins, JJ Humpreys, Jami Turner
4-Pat Clark, Lynda Judy, Dee Langer
Boundary Judges-David Turner, Mark Waggener, Randy Frost, John
Registrar-Lynda Judy
Scorer-Jen McDaniel
1-Doug Greene-DR-107L (patch)
2-Deirdre Gurry-RV-6
1-Todd Nelson-Skybolt
2-Jay Hanson-MX2
3-David Valaer-Pitts S-2B
4-Patric Coggin-RV-4
5-DR Bales-Extra 200
6-Bo Kalabus-Christian Eagle
7-Doug Greene-DR 107L
8-Miles Turner-8KCAB
9-John Briner-Pitts S-2B
10-Rene Dugas-8KCAB
1-Erik McDaniel-Extra 200
2-Doug Jenkins-Pittts S-1E
3-Julia Wood-Pitts S-2B
4-Curt Richmond-Pitts S-2B
5-Ron Schreck-RV-8
6-Paul Langer-Stephens Acro
7-Tony Wood-Pitts S-2B
8-Herman Dierks-Su-26
1-John Harlan-Pitts S-1E
2-Duncan Koerbel-Extra 300
Lone Star Belt Buckles awarded to First Place in each Category
Todd Nelson, Erick McDaniel, John Harlan
Grass Roots Award-Miles Turner
Hooker Harness—Mark Waggener
Contest Director-Tony Wood
Assistant Contest Director-Everyone!
Box Crew-Curt Richmond, Pat Clark
A Special Thank You to Tom Rhodes and Curt Richmond who did
a lot of the pre-contest administrative legwork!


Intermediate Free Doug Jenkins

Sportsman Free 2 David Valaer

Jay Hanson Intermediate Free

Erick McDaniel Free

Intermediate Free Julia Wood

Klayton Kirkland Advanced

Pat Coggins Sportsman Free

Intermediate Free Tony Wood





Here’s the requirements to check your freestyle!  Also, if you’d like one of Chapter 24 Judges to check it for you, please email us!  info@iac24.org

Judge’s Checklist for Free Programs