Get Your Start! Advertising Campaign from IAC

February 17, 2021
“Get Your Start” is intended to encourage first-time participation in IAC aerobatic contests, and to lead new aerobatic pilots to long-term relationships with the IAC.
All 2021 first-time contest participants will receive a special gift box from the IAC:
–A personalized letter thanking the pilot for participating
–Advertising flyers from the IAC, EAA, aerobatic flight schools and airplane manufacturers
–A decal, cap and coffee cup with the ‘Get Your Start’ logo.
As an airshow pilot or competition pilot, if you are interested in helping this campaign, contact IAC Headquarters and they will send you a decal that you can place on your airplane. If possible, take a picture or make a video next to the decal explaining how you got your start, what the role IAC was in it and how IAC can help others to get their start!
Let’s share our joy in this wonderful sport with others and allow others to experience their own fulfillment!

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