Great Turnout at the Super D Tango!!

July 11, 2021
Thank you to everyone who came to the Super D Tango Contest
at Akroville! It was a successful, safe and fun contest!!
We had 23 competitions, 48 total participants, 5 Decathlons,
5 dogs, great weather, great food and great camaraderie!
Everyone had their 2 flights, each in a different Decathlon with one flight from the front seat and one flight from the back seat, and all flying the Sportsman 2021 Known sequence.
We appreciate the judges who worked all day giving us all time to watch (laugh), meet new friends, hang out and enjoy the day!
After the conclusion of the contest, we celebrated a birthday with a rocket launch and fireworks!!
First Place Erick McDaniel
Second Place Kent Willer
Third Place James Grenfell
Chief Judge Bill Denton
Asst Chief Lynda Judy
Score Runner Donna Hanson
Judge Tom Rhodes
Asst Bud Judy
Judge Pat Clark
Asst Riley Vidrine
Judge Bill Denton
Asst Laura Barnard
Scorer Stephanie Vidrine
Starter Curt Richmond
Aircraft Spotter Doug Jeanes
Contest Director Tom Rhodes
Catering Suzy Rhodes & Lynda Judy
Special Pups: Duke, Dakota, Daisy, Stormie and Cosmo

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