IAC Achievement Awards!!

March 2, 2015
—–LOOK for your STAR!—–

IAC Achievement Awards application process has improved

Ever wonder what those ‘stars’ (*) mean in front of the pilot name on the contest results pages? Thanks to Doug Lovell, the official contest results contain programming which verifies if a competitor’s scores qualify him or her for a Stars Achievement Award.

If the programming has identified your flights as qualifying, then there is no need to chase down the chief judge for a signature (new change in effect for 2015) – just get an application and send it in for a patch, pin or decal.

Check out the 2014 Harold Neumann Barnstormer contest as an example, https://iaccdb.iac.org/contests/449:  A majority of the Sportsman competitors scores qualified to earn a Stars award.  Way to go guys!

Get an application and send it in for a patch, pin or decal. 

——NEWBIES get their First Patch Free in 2015 ———

Beginning immediately, any Primary or Sportsman Stars or Smooth Award applicants will receive their first award patch for free. The IAC Achievement Awards program recognizes accomplishments of individuals for aerobatic proficiency obtained in a non-competition environment (Smooth Achievement) or at a competition (Stars Achievement).

The guidelines for the IAC Achievement Awards program can be found on the IAC website.

First-time applicants for Glider or Power Primary or Sportsman Achievement Awards should complete an applicationand only send payment for additional patches, pins, or decals. The first patch will be shipped at no charge.


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