IAC Fall Board Meeting Highlights by Ron Schreck, South-Central IAC Director

November 16, 2018

Below is the IAC Fall Board Meeting update from Ron Schreck, the South-Central IAC Director:

Hi all,
I just returned from the IAC Fall Board meeting where we reviewed the proposed KNOWN sequences for 2019.  We returned the three lower category KNOWN sequences to the Known Sequence Committee for a re-write.  We decided that there was no reason to change the PRIMARY sequence as it worked well in 2018.  There may be some who think we should change the PRIMARY sequence every year but the Board feels that PRIMARY is just an introduction to competition and pilots should move up to SPORTSMAN after a year in PRIMARY.  
We sent the SPORTSMAN sequence back to the committee because there were a couple of figures which would have been difficult to fly by those without inverted systems.  (FYI: The policy guidance to the Known Sequence Committee states that… “Proposed Primary and power Sportsman Known sequences shall be flyable by aircraft without inverted fuel or oil systems, in the class of 115 hp Citabrias”)
We sent the INTERMEDIATE sequence back to the committee with instructions to omit snap rolls from the KNOWN sequence.  (Once again, the policy guidance to the committee states that… “Proposed power Intermediate Known sequences shall be flyable by aircraft in the class of the 150 hp Decathlon.”)  Many Decathlon aircraft have sustained damage to fuel tanks as a result of doing snap rolls.  However, there is still the likelihood of encountering snap rolls in INTERMEDIATE unknown sequences!  The ADVANCED and UNLIMITED Known sequences were approved as submitted by the committee.
A working group was established to seek out possible venues for the Nationals in 2019 and beyond.  Oshkosh will be considered along with any venues submitted by the working group.  Bob Freemen will head up the group and I will assist.  North central Kansas is the geographic center of the continental US and South central Missouri is the center of population.  Halfway between those two points is Topeka, Kansas so you can bet that the prime area of interest will be our South Central region.  I have talked to some of you about various potential venues and will continue that discussion going forward.  If I have not contacted you on this subject and you have any input to the working group, please call or write.
I am pleased to announce that the 2022 WAAC competition will be held in Las Vegas.  Duncan Koerbel of Chapter 12 attended the CIVA Plenary Conference in Warsaw, Poland this past weekend and secured the WAAC for the US by a strong vote of 22/1.  The IAC Board has awarded Chapter 12 the West Open Championships for 2019 which will be held at Jean Airport (OL7).  Jean is just 17 miles SW of Las Vegas and the Open Championships will be a prelude to WAAC which will be held at Jean.  My thanks to Duncan for his tireless work in securing this contest venue for the USA.  Well done!
These are the highlights of our meeting.  Look for the secretaries minutes for a full accounting of the meeting on the IAC web site.
I contacted most of you before the Board meeting to see if there were any issues you wanted to bring to the Board’s attention.  A few of you had comments that should be addressed by submitting a proposal for a change to the IAC Official Contest Rules.  The Board does not make rule changes but we do act upon proposed rule changes that are submitted to the Board by the Rules Committee.  The process is outlined on the IAC web site.
 “As an IAC member, you are encouraged to submit rules proposals to the IAC Rules Chairperson.

July 1st is the annual deadline for the Rules Committee to receive proposed contest rules changes for the following contest year. The Rules Committee will meet after this deadline and publish their recommendations to the membership for comment. The deadline for member comment is 0700 GMT, October 1. The Board of Directors will then act on the proposals and comments at the Fall IAC Board meeting. Any rule changes and Known program sequences approved by the Board will take effect on January 1 of the year after they were approved.”

My thanks to all of you for your efforts to make 2018 another successful year for the IAC.  I look forward to a close relationship with the South Central chapters in 2019. 


Ron Schreck

IAC Director, SC


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