Key 2022 Rule Changes

January 26, 2022

-A single competitor may fly a category and earn a trophy
-Late contest arrivals allowed with no Jury approval but via Contest Director permission.
-Student pilots may compete with a CFI Safety Pilot
-Guidance on Grading Judge selection related to conflicts of interest.
-All categories have the same opportunity to fly a third program.
-Eliminate the requirement to have a current IAC Judge sign competitor Free programs.
-Allowable Intermediate Unknown figures to include a full snap on a horizontal line and 1/2 snap on an up 45 line.
-Remove the constraint on Unlimited Unknowns for max rotations on unlinked horizontal rolls
-New deduction for each figure that cannot be properly graded due to viewing angle or distance.
-Removed the “interior line” requirement for Advanced and Unlimited opposite roll versatility in Frees.
-More options available to a Contest Jury so they may apply a penalty consistent with the situation.
-Guidance on Jury selection to represent different chapters and regions.
-Specify a HZ for adding a figure to the end of a sequence.
-Expanded types of optional Safety Checks for Advanced and Unlimited pilots at all contests.
-Allow trophies to be given out regardless of how many competitors are in a category
-Rule Book is definitive
-No numberical scores received
-Remove presentation K from the A form and the Free Program Checklist
-Allow Back to Back printing of the B and C Forms
-Clarify Glider unlinked snap roll rules

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