Lone Star Club Board Meeting November 22, 2021

January 26, 2022

-Call the Meeting to OrderĀ  Tom Rhodes
-Secretary’s Report
-Minutes from the April 17, 2021 Meeting Erick McDaniel
-LSAC Treasurer’s Report Erick McDaniel
-Bank Account
-Texas Series Championships Trophies Doug Jenkins
-Lone Star Championship Contest Erick McDaniel
-Conversation with airport manger. Briefing Sheet
-CIVA Report Mike Gallaway

-APA at NT Regional Renewed for next 3 years

-Happenings at NT Regional
-New Rotating Beacon $20,000
-Operations last physical year 33,000 vs. 67,000 the previous year
-Trust Aviation coming in December
-Next year Nationals October 2-7, 2022

2022 Known Seequences
-Comments please sent before December 14th to Mike Ciliberti

-New Rule Changes approved by the Fall IAC Board

-New 2021 Boar Positions
-Some members/Committee chairs gone…Bruce Ballew, Michael Lents, Justin Hickson, Tom Rhodes

-Discussion of the 2021 Contest Jury’s decisions vs the IAC Board

-Subjects to Discuss
-2022 Judges School
-Super D Tango Contest in July
-Membership Meetings
-Christmas Party

Upcoming Events

No events
Aerobatic Contest Info Meeting flyday Fly-In iac24 practice Airshow Judge's School Party xa68 akroville Workshop Results