Nationals Penalty Resolution-a letter to the IAC Board from a Club Member

January 26, 2022

This letter was sent to the board from Julia Wood and is re-posted here:

Dear IAC President, IAC Board Members, IAC Members and Fellow Aerobatic Competitors,

I’ve written earlier about this matter, but I feel it needs to be resolved.  I know everyone wants to move on to flying, but this is important.  I’ll try to be short and simple in hopes that we can all do so together.

My goal is for IAC Competitions to continue safely and fairly.  Removing penalty points from 2 Competitors at the 2021 US Nationals does neither of these 2 things.  The IAC President and the IAC Board of Directors have the ability to change this.  It may be time for the Membership to make sure our Elected Officers are truly following our direction.  A mistake may have occurred at the November Board Meeting that can be rectified.
I’ve attached the Nationals Penalty Resolution submitted by the EAA Representative to IAC for you to read and consider.  I’m also attaching the letter I wrote previously, if anyone would like to reference the details.
Please ask yourself the following questions.
  • Did the IAC Board intend to reward Competitors who broke the Rules?
  • Did the IAC Board intend to punish Competitors who followed the Rules?
  • Did the IAC Board react to pressure from posts on social media and friends of the Competitors being penalized initially?
  • How many Members expressed their desire that the penalties should be erased and that the standings should be changed?
  • Is it fair to reward 1 Competitor in a category and consequently punish everyone in the standings behind them in the same category?
  • What’s the purpose of giving their scores back?  Didn’t they make mistakes and not follow established procedures?
  • Is it necessary to enforce Rules according to the IAC Rule Book?
  • Did the Jury follow the IAC Rule Book?
  • Was the Jury compassionate?  Does IAC Rule 31.6.1.j mention the entire contest or just the 1 flight?
  • Do the IAC Bylaws, the IAC Rules or the Policy and Procedures Manual say that compassion is more important than safety?
  • Did the Jury not allow scores for team qualification in accordance with the P&P Manual 503, 504 and 506?
  • Is the Jury responsible for following not only the IAC Rule Book but also the Policy and Procedures Manual at a National Competition?
  • Does IAC Rule 31.5.9 say that the Contest Jury’s decision is final?
  • Were the Jury’s decisions based on safety and was that a consideration?
  • Does the Nationals Penalty Resolution that the IAC Board approved mention anything about safety?
  • Does it say in the IAC Bylaws, IAC Rulebook or the P&P Manual that the IAC Board can act as an appellate court?
  • Where are the procedures by which a competitor can appeal a jury’s decision to the “appellate court” for our future reference?
  • Has the IAC Board now set a precedent for any and all past contest results to be appealed and rearranged?  If this is a “one off” issue, can it and will it happen again?  If not, where is that stated?
We are all very dedicated and passionate to this sport, and we all want to see it grow and prosper.
The IAC President and the IAC Board have the ability to rescind the Nationals Penalty Resolution just as they have the ability to rescind a motion.  As such, they have the ability to give the scores back to those that followed the rules and to retain the enforcement actions for those who did not.
I am asking the IAC President and the IAC Board to call a Special Meeting to rescind this Resolution/Motion.
It is possible for the IAC President or a majority of the IAC Board to call a Special Meeting where a vote can be taken to rescind this Resolution, key word being OR.  There is no requirement in the IAC Bylaws for any “new material” to be presented in order for a meeting to be called.
From the IAC Bylaws, Article III. Board of Directors, Section VII. Meetings, 3.
3. Special meetings of the Board shall be called upon
    order of the President or upon order of a majority of
    the Directors.  Notice of each special meeting of the
    Board stating the time and, in general terms, the
    purpose of the meeting shall be delivered to each
    Director at least one hundred twenty (120) hours prior
    to the time of such meeting.
If you agree, let your elected officers know by taking a few minutes of your time to email your IAC President, IAC Director or Directors.  Just copy and paste the letter below to the listed addresses.  And, if you are not a current IAC Member, please join, because with all of this behind us, IAC can once again be a Safe, Fair and Fun Club!  It’s up to all of US to make it so!
Thank you,
Julia Wood

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