Nationals Penalty Resolution Update

January 29, 2022

I would like to provide my thoughts on the Board’s Resolution that erased
two competitor’s penalties for safety violations.  This had the effect of changing
the competitors scores and standings at the US National Aerobatic Contest
six weeks after the fact.

I thank all those that emailed their directors requesting a Special Meeting
with the President and the IAC board.  The President was kind enough to call
a Special Meeting of the board last Tuesday to discuss and re-visit the Resolution.
The board voted not to rescind the Resolution.

Since I heard about this Board Decision in November I have written
letters, talked with most of the board members and have tried to
understand and learn all views.  I appreciate everyone that has taken
the time to also hear my views.

For safety reasons, I contend that the Board should not have adopted the
Resolution.  Rewarding those that commit safety violations is not what
I believe the IAC was founded upon.

Unfortunately, IAC appears to be going in a direction that I cannot go and
therefore I can no longer be a member of the IAC.

Julia Wood

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