Oshkosh November 11, 2021 Hall of Fame Dinner Recap

January 26, 2022

-Honoring Vern Jobst for 2020
-Lindy Award-Adding a best static display award for an aerobatic airplane
-Editor–Lorrie Penner
-Sport Aerobatics Magazine-now will be sent every other month (Saving IAC around $50,000).
-Chapter Chatter
-In the Loop
-New Committee Chairman
-Judges Committee–DJ Molny
-Rules Committee–Barrett Hines (If you’re a current judge this year, you only need to pass this year’s R&C Exam to be current)
-The most salient rule changes for 2021:
-Advanced Free Programs may have up to 14 figures (previously limit was 12 figures)
-Safety Pilots may not communicate with the competitor nor manipulate the controls during the performance except as needed for safety, and any figure aided by the Safety Pilot will be zeroed.
-The crosswind limit for Primary and Sportsman is now 15 knows. (was 20)
-The Contest Jury may authorize an optional break if the forecast high temperature will result in a density altituedof 5,000′ or higher. (was elevation of 3,500’MSL or higher)
-For figures with matching radii, the first radius sets the stand
-Wind drift during a hammerhead pivot is not penalized (it was accidentally omitted in the 2020 re-write)
-Order of Flights
-The new rule book specifies the flights shall be flown in this order:
Known, Free and Unknown. Any changes to that order must be approved by the Contest Jury (not the CD) and posted in time to notify all personnel affected by the change. The liturgy that says the Known is also the qualification flight has been eliminated from the 2021 rule book. (20.1.2, 20.1.4)
-Talk Talk
-Provisional Rules for Contest, ie Boundary Judges
-Sportsman Pro
-Oral Exam Questions?
-Advertise for flying Events
-Snaps in Intermediate Sequence?
-Submit unknown sequences
-Colorado moving to NW Region?

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