Resolutions to be proposed to the IAC Board

January 26, 2022

The following proposed Resolutions are to be incorporated without delay.

1. The Board shall respect the 2021 National Contest Jury’s decision to disqualify single flights of two competitors and retract the BOD’s decision to overturn the Jury’s decision and agree all future Jury’s decisions are final and cannot be protested. Contest Rules 31.5.9

2. The Board and the Jury shall support the Code of Conduct 100.1.2 and not allow Officers and Directors to have any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety, which can result from their position for personal gain or publicity.

3. If a competitor or judge is dissatisfied with an unknown sequence, they must go through the contest Jury to request a change. The Jury is only allowed to make minimum changes to address illegal maneuvers or safety issues. The President is not allowed to make any changes.

4. Concerning P&P, a re-vote shall be conducted concerning the election of the vacated committee chair of the Governmental Relations due to the fact that there was/is more than one IAC member seeking this vacated position.

5. Consider for By-law or P&P change: All IAC Board meetings shall be open to all IAC members who may attend in person, by Zoom call or by phone. They cannot vote and can only speak with the Board’s permission.

6. Consider for By-law or P&P change: Require the Board to follow the IAC Board By-laws, the Contest Rules and the P&P. If there is a conflict in the various rules, the Contest Rules shall be primary, the P&P shall be secondary and the By-laws shall be third in the ranking of enforcing the rules.

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