Skywagon Roundup April 28 Ranger Airfield!! F28

April 22, 2018
The Skywagon Roundup is next weekend (Saturday and Sunday April 28 and 29). If you don’t have a Skywagon, don’t worry, you’re invited too – even a half dozen round engined nuts have committed. Just RSVP to me or Scott Perdue to help us prepare. You can camp or we’ll give you a ride to the hotel. Fire pit and drinks and goodies in the evening after all the flying.
Update: We are still working with the city on the lease so we can begin constructing two new hangars. Lawyers just about ruin everything. If you’re a lawyer, I guess you’re still invited to the roundup, but your beer will be old and stale and warm.
Good news! Volunteers have sold almost 70% of the raffle tickets for the airfield’s Cessna giveaway. If you want to support the airfield by buying a few tickets or you have already and want to buy a few more chances, you can enter here:
Thanks for the support and see you next weekend. Spread the word to your flying friends BUT be sure they RSVP. Your diet at the fly-in depends on it.
Jared Calvert
Ranger Airfield Foundation

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