Super D Tango Aerobatic Contest at Akroville (3TX) Saturday July 10th!

December 8, 2020

Chapter 24 will be hosting the Super D Tango Aerobatic Contest at Akroville, Airport (3TX) Saturday, July 10th.

This is a one-type of airplane, one category contest where no one has any airplane or category advantage over another!  It truly lets all pilots compete against each other on a level playing field!   It doesn’t matter whether the pilot normally flies Unlimited in an Extra 300 or Primary in an RV-8….in this contest everyone flies Sportsman in a Decathlon!!  Everyone flies twice…once from the front seat, once from the rear seat and ideally in 2 different Decathlons!

Registration:  $200  Everything is included:
–The Decathlon and gas
–The Headset
–The parachute
–A safety pilot for you and/or insurance requirements
–Barf bag (hopefully not needed)
–Refreshments (Coffee, water, tea or more…)
–Lots of laughter (hopefully not at you!)

Tie-downs available if you fly out, parking spaces available if you drive out, and camping available if you’d like to spend Friday, Saturday or both nights!

For more info, contact Tom Rhodes  214/202-7008

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