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2020 Known Sequences are posted!

2020 Known Sequences: (Note Advanced is the Version 2, updated February 6, 2020) Primary Known 2020 Sportsman Known 2020 Intermediate Known 2020 Advanced Known V2 2020 Unlimited Known 2020  

2019 Texas Championship Series Results!!

The Texas Championship has finished another season! Our Texas contest season, and therefore the 2019 Texas Championship Series, concluded with the ever-popular and much anticipated Hill Country Hammerfest. IAC 107 and the Llano airport pulled out all the stops this year. The weather was phenomenal, the fuel was cheap, the people were friendly and the

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Texas Championship Series!!

The Texas Championship is in full swing!  As a refresher, The Texas Series is designed to increase participation at all three Texas contests by awarding super-cool trophies and airplane stickers to first AND second place finishers and airplane stickers to third place finishers in all categories.  The Series winners MUST participate in the same category

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Lone Star Contest Results

Thank You Everyonefor braving the weather to come to the 2019 Lone Star Contest in Breckenridge, Texas this weekend! All of YOU made this contest a success!! 21 Competitors flew ALL flights!! 16 Volunteers worked ALL flights!! A Special Thank You to our Volunteer Crew who worked the entire weekend! We thank HOOKER HARNESS for

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Lone Star Contest May 3,4 at Breckenridge Info!! Weather is good!!

The Lone Star Contest is Friday, Saturday, May 3rd, 4th!! Breckenridge, Texas KBKD This is just a reminder that the 2019 Lone Stars is at a NEW LOCATION!! and a NEW DATE!! Don’t miss out on a NEW ADVENTURE!! Judge, Assist, Record and Leisure in the NEW ZERO GRAVITY Judges Chairs!! We still have the only Lone

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Don’t forget our Chapter Contest May 3,4 in Breckenridge!!

The Lone Star Contest is Friday, Saturday, May 3rd, 4th!! Breckenridge, Texas. KBKD Whether you’re competing, flying, driving, volunteering, eating, drinking, partying….come join us!!! Come fight for the Gorgeous Lone Star Belt Buckle!! Come fight for the Texas Championship Series!! This is Stage 2!! Come fight for the Grass Roots Award!!   ThursdayMay 2nd is practice and

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Edna Early Bird Contest Results!

The finals are in for the Edna Contest this last weekend.!  18 pilots participated.  Thank you Houston for putting on a fun contest! Todd Nelson won the Sportsman category and Doug Jenkins won the Intermediate category. Each category flew two flights on Friday and the last flight was flown for each category on Saturday afternoon

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2019 Knowns

INTP-Known-2019.    ADVP-Known-2019 UNLP-Known-2019 SPTP-Known-2019 PRMP-Known-2019

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