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Open East and Opens West Championships!

The IAC Board awarded the “IAC Open Championship East” and the “IAC Open Championship West” contests for the 2021 Season! The East Championship will be held in Ocala, Florida in March and is hosted by Chapter 89 The West Championship will be held in Sterling Colorado August 20-22nd and is hosted by Chapter 12  

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High Planes Hotpoxia Fest in Fort Morgan, Colorado (KFMM)

The High Planes Hotpoxia Fest will take place at Fort Morgan, Colorado (KFMM) Hosted by Chapter 12 Practice & Registration:  Thursday, Friday, July 15th, 16th Contest: Saturday, Sunday, July 17th, 18th Registration:  $200 Contest Director: Duncan Koerbel 720-250-8442 Email frees to: Pre-Registration available at

IAC West Open Championship in Sterling, Colorado (KSTK)

The IAC West Open Championship will be held in Sterling, Colorado (KSTK) hosted by Chapter 12 Practice & Registration:  Thursday, Friday, August 19th, 20th Contest:  Saturday, Sunday, August 21st, 22nd Registration: $200/$160 Students Pre-registration available at  

Clyde Cable Rocky Mountain Aerobatic Contest at Lamar, Colorado (KLAA)

The Clyde Cable Rocky Mountain Aerobatic Contest at Lamar, Colorado (KLAA) Hosted by IAC Chapter 5 Primary-Advanced, Power and Non-Power Registration: $180 Practice & Registration: Friday, October 8th 0800 – Sunset Contest: Saturday, Sunday October 9th, 10th Saturday: 0700 Brief- 1700 –Lunch Quizno’s on site –1900 Barbeque on site Sunday: 0800 Brief – 1200 –1200

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Lone Star Aerobatic Contest! at KGYI May 13-16th!!!

The Lone Star Contest will again be held North Texas Regional Airport!!  (KGYI) All Categories  including gliders if you come!  Including Legacy if you come! Come for a chance to win the Coveted Texas Belt Buckle, a Hooker Harness or a David Clark Headset! Pre-Register at: Thursday, May 13th  all day:  Practice and Registration at

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Hammerfest Contest was fun!!

Thanks to Chapter 24 members who made it to Hammerfest and to the Austin chapter for hosting it!!  Chapter 24 members performed well and came home with some great trophies! Primary: 3rd-Jaret Burgess 5th-Mark Waggoner Sportsman 1st-Mike Hoy 2nd-Jeff Cain 4th-David Valaer 5th-Bo Kalabus 7th-DR Bales Intermediate 2nd-Erick McDaniel 6th-Jay Hanson 7th-Tom Rhodes Advanced 2nd-Julia

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Hammerfest Contest Update!

To our new Hammerfesters, welcome! Registration is closed now so our little family should be complete. First of all…thanks to all of you for the outstanding display of enthusiasm to this point.  The turn-out is quite impressive.  This is literally three times our usual participation! To those of you who registered over the past weekend

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Hammerfest Contest Update! Llano (KAQO) Aug 17th

Greetings again Hammerfesters, I have gotten some questions and I figured if one person was willing to ask several others were likely confused, so here is some clarification… Q:  Do I need a hotel for Saturday night since Sunday is a weather back-up day? A:  Totally up to you but odds are good that you

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