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Everyone had fun at the Flyday last Saturday!

Our first fly day was a lot of fun.  We had 9 pilots show up and 10 fans (spectators). If there is no traffic, the tower will allow us to use the box (surface to 4500 feet AGL).   If they have traffic they will ask the spotter (box monitor) to advise the pilot to climb

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Good aerobatic practice day at North Texas Regional!

We had a good turnout February 2nd at North Texas Regional!  Thanks to all who came out!  The weather was good and the tower worked well with us, accommodating our needs to practice in the aerobatic box!  Here’s some pictures! Remember if you ever want to practice at North Texas Regional, call, text or email

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Flyday Sunday Feb 2nd at NT Regional! 1-3

This Sunday several of our members will be flying at NT Regional to renew their ACE cards.  They plan to fly @1-3. Come on out!  Come fly and/or come and watch!

Skywagon Roundup April 28 Ranger Airfield!! F28

The Skywagon Roundup is next weekend (Saturday and Sunday April 28 and 29). If you don’t have a Skywagon, don’t worry, you’re invited too – even a half dozen round engined nuts have committed. Just RSVP to me or Scott Perdue to help us prepare. You can camp or we’ll give you a ride to

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March Meeting Minutes!

Lone Star Aerobatic Club – IAC 24 Chapter Meeting Minutes March Fly-Day and Meeting @ KGYI – Sherman TX March 24, 2018 Minutes to the Board Meeting for Chapter 24 on March 24, 2018 at 12:15PM. Club Leadership In attendance: Curt Richmond (President), Tom Rhodes (Vice President), Erick McDaniel (Secretary), Opening: Chapter 24 Members Present:

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