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Flying the 2015 Sportsman Known-by Gordon Penner

Submitted by Patricia Deimer… on Tue, 2015-02-24 12:33 This year’s Sportsman Known sequence has decent flow and energy, without too many of the elements that would punish low-horsepower/high-drag aerobats. So let’s break this sequence down, with the newer aerobatic pilot in mind, and see what we find. I also hasten to add that this article – and this

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Chapter Christmas Party/Meeting/Flyday December 13 Saturday

Chapter Meeting at Akroville!!!  Saturday December 13.  Meeting starts at 1pm.  Flyday all day.  Christmas Party after Sunset!  RSVP to spend the night–plenty of floorspace for a blowup mattress or tent outside.  Limited hangar space for the flying mount, plenty tie-down space outside though! Refreshments and Food available!  Beer and extra food is always welcome!

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Fly-Day at Akroville

Fly-Day at Akroville Saturday, August 2, 2014 We just had a great flyday, critique day and chapter meeting Saturday, August 02 at Akroville!!!  Here are some pictures taken by Gary Daniels!

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