The Future of IAC–A letter to the club from the US Nationals Jury Member

January 26, 2022

To Club Members,

This letter was posted in December as a result of the IAC Board Of Directors Decision to reverse the US National Competition scores and over-rule the 2021 US National Jury Decisions.  I was one of the Jury Members and feel it should be posted on the Club’s Website as well.

Julia Wood

I am very concerned about the direction of this organization.
For those that do not know me, my involvement with the IAC has spanned 25 years.  I have been a member of the US Advanced Team 2 times and  Manager of the US Advanced Team 2 times. I have been CD for the US Nationals.  I have been CD for 2 different IAC Chapters at several Regional Contests. I have been Secretary of our local IAC chapter and am a current Board Member of our chapter.  I am a current Advanced Competitor and a National Judge.
2 months after the conclusion of the US National Aerobatic Competition, your IAC Board decided o change the 2021 US National Aerobatic Championship Jury’s decisions and to reverse the scores.   The EAA Representative to the IAC Board made a resolution to over-turn the Jury’s decisions.  It should not have been made, much less voted on.  The board should not have gotten involved in this issue.
I was a member of the 2021 US National Aerobatic Championship Jury.  I wish I wasn’t placed in the position to make these jury decisions.  I wish the competitor’s would not have put any of us into this position.  But, they did.  Breaking rules can lead to harsh consequences, the least of which is a DQ.  The worst is something I do not want to think of.
As a jury member, I followed the rulebook to the best of my ability.  Protests were brought to the jury, and it is the jury’s duty to make decisions based on the current rules.  If the rulebook is lacking, it needs to be fixed.  What should not have happened is to go back and apply a new interpretation on the current rules after the fact.
No one on the IAC Board made the effort to ask me why we made the decisions we did.  Instead, our decisions were deemed invalid.  I have no desire to harm anyone, hurt anyone’s feelings or to cause waves.  I do have a desire for rules to be followed as best as possible, for a fair and safe outcome and for an institution to continue with a strong, safe and solid foundation.
I hoped the IAC Board would have respected the decisions made by the jury.  No matter how unpopular.  We conducted interviews, we scoured the rulebook, we worked tirelessly the entire week to make the US National Contest as fair and safe as possible.  I was honored to be asked to be part of the jury.  However, what does it say to future jury members, knowing that their decisions can be over-ruled months later?  Who would want to be a jury member?  Why would there be a jury?
I understand that no matter what the board decides to do, there will be those who are unhappy, however, the board’s decision to reverse the penalties, rewards those who did not follow procedure. The correct decision would have been not to intervene.
The jury has asked for a special meeting from the IAC Board for the last month to no avail.  It’s time for the IAC membership and those involved in this organization to know the facts.  The President and the IAC Board can still re-visit this decision and make things right.
Thank you,
Julia Wood
2021 US National Jury Member

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