2021 JUDGE’S  Info!!

Note: Due to Covid and the loss of so many judging opportunities in 2020, the judging requirements for 2021 have been mostly carried forward from 2019!  Otherwise, we would have barely have any judges!  The exact criteria will be coming out soon!  As well as the 2021 Judging Exams!  Stay tuned!

There have been many changes the last 2 years!  The Rulebook was re-written last year and is improved and more enjoyable to read!

The Judge and Rules programs have just been changed.

Doug Sowder has stepped down from the Rules program and Barrett Hines is replacing him on an interim basis.

Wes Liu has moved on as the IAC Judge Program Chair and DJ Molny is replacing him on an interim basis.

These interim appointments will become official at the Spring meeting in late March.

We will not hold a judge’s school this year but will have one next Spring, in 2022.

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For more info on Judges Program:

The 2021 Judging Info will be posted below when available:

IAC Rule Book 2020
Judges Program -P&P 214
Achievement Awards Program -P&P201
2020 Approved Rule Changes
Aresti Aerobatic Catalogue 2019
Aresti 2012 Catelog
2020 Regional Exam
2020 R&C Exam
2019 National Exam
2020 Regional Answers
2019 National Answers
2020 R&C Answers
“How did the Judge’s Miss that? 30 Videos to practice judging!  Each video is 1:21.  The actual videos run from :30-:55.

2021 Known Sequences: