Judge’s School!

2020 JUDGE’S SCHOOL Info!!

Thank you to all who attended the Judges School at the Frontier of Flight Museum!  I hope everyone has completed the exams.  If you have any questions please call, text or email!!  We enjoyed hosting it and enjoyed meeting new faces and having the opportunity to visit Saturday night at Tom and Suzy’s place!!

Here’s info if anyone still needs it!

If you couldn’t come to the Judge’s School, you can participate in the online Webinar April 25th.  It satisfies Day 2 for recurrency of judges.

If you’re a new judge, there is the option of watching the 12 videos on the IAC Website, https://www.iac.org/legacy/the-judges-program-and-judges-training

and taking the 10 quizzes on the website, the Judge Knowledge Quizzes, https://www.iac.org/legacy/iac-judge-examinations

These videos and exams can be done at your leisure, but must be accomplished before attending the Practical Webinar.

-The new Rulebook is much improved and much more enjoyable to read! We encourage you to read it in advance if you have time!

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For more info on Judges Program:

IAC Rule Book 2020
Judges Program -P&P 214
Achievement Awards Program -P&P201
2020 Approved Rule Changes
Aresti Aerobatic Catalogue 2019
Aresti 2012 Catelog
2020 Regional Exam
2020 R&C Exam
2019 National Exam
2020 Regional Answers
2019 National Answers
2020 R&C Answers
“How did the Judge’s Miss that? 30 Videos to practice judging!  Each video is 1:21.  The actual videos run from :30-:55.