2021 JUDGE’S  Info!!

Pandemic Rule Waivers

Because there were so few contests last year, the Board of Directors temporarily relaxed the requirements for judge currency.

Here are the changes to P&P 214 for 2021 only:

Bottom line: If you were a current judge last year, you only need to pass this year’s R&C in order to be current for 2021.

There have been many changes the last 2 years!  The Rulebook was re-written last year and is improved and more enjoyable to read!

The Judge and Rules programs have just been changed.

Doug Sowder has stepped down from the Rules program and Barrett Hines is replacing him on an interim basis.

Wes Liu has moved on as the IAC Judge Program Chair and DJ Molny is replacing him on an interim basis.

These interim appointments will become official at the Spring meeting in late March.

Chapter 24 will not be holding a Judges School this year, but IAC held a two-day online judges school for the weekend of March 6-7.

For those of you who attended the online judges school:
Please complete the feedback form: www.iac.org/judges-school-survey. If you wish to comment anonymously, either log out of the web site or open a private window in your browser.
Videos of the sessions are available at:
https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/reco…/7236266866867870733 (Day 1, Intro to IAC & Aresti)
https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/reco…/5919269640116833799 (Day 2, Practical Aerobatic Judging)
Next step for aspiring judges: complete the Regional Judge Exam (https://www.iac.org/exam/2020-regional-judge-exam) with a score of 80% or better. Contact DJ to answer any questions if you get stuck.
If you are already a judge, be sure to complete this year’s R&C exam, https://www.iac.org/…/2021-judges-revalidation-currency…. And you’re welcome to ask DJ any questions as well.
–> If several people were attending the course in the same room, please be sure to send DJ everyone’s names so everyone receives proper credit.
For questions or help contact:
DJ Molny, Judges Program Chair (interim)

For more info on Judges Program:


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“How did the Judge’s Miss that? 30 Videos to practice judging!  Each video is 1:21.  The actual videos run from :30-:55.

2021 Known Sequences: