Nationals Penalty Resolution Update

I would like to provide my thoughts on the Board’s Resolution that erased two competitor’s penalties for safety violations.  This had the effect of changing the competitors scores and standings at the US National Aerobatic Contest six weeks after the fact. I thank all those that emailed their directors requesting a Special Meeting with the

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Flydays at North Texas Regional! (KGYI) 10-4

We plan a FlyDay at NT Regional from 10-4 the second Saturday of each month.  We will have copies of the 2022 knowns and we will take a look at your designed frees if you like.

Resolutions to be proposed to the IAC Board

The following proposed Resolutions are to be incorporated without delay. 1. The Board shall respect the 2021 National Contest Jury’s decision to disqualify single flights of two competitors and retract the BOD’s decision to overturn the Jury’s decision and agree all future Jury’s decisions are final and cannot be protested. Contest Rules 31.5.9 2. The

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Lack of ethics in the IAC-A letter from a Club Competitor

This letter was posted in December by Erick McDaniel and am reposting it here for everyone’s information. Greetings to you all, First and foremost, let me start out by saying that this email comes from a standpoint of concern for the IAC and its membership. Not only for recent events that have transpired relating to

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Key 2022 Rule Changes

-A single competitor may fly a category and earn a trophy -Late contest arrivals allowed with no Jury approval but via Contest Director permission. -Student pilots may compete with a CFI Safety Pilot -Guidance on Grading Judge selection related to conflicts of interest. -All categories have the same opportunity to fly a third program. -Eliminate

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December 12th LSAC Membership Meeting

Talking Points… -Judges School-Ostmeyer in Kansas February 26-27 -Coaches..Bill, Tony, Julia, Mike and Curt (cammp) -North Texas Regional APA renewed and Flydays every 2nd Saturday of each month -Chapter Meetings -Lone Star Contest -Super D Tango -2022 Known Sequences -National 2021…IAC BOD decision vs the Jury Decision

Club Annual Renewal Info

11/22/2021  IAC Chapter 24 Approved Insurance Coverage -General Liability  $1-3 million -Products/Completed Operations $1-3 Million -Medical Expense per person $5000 -Host Liquor $1 million -Mobile Equipment (ie golf carts, scooters on airport only) $1-3 million EAA Chapter Payment Information -Chapter Dues $100 -Aviation General Liability Insurance Allocation $298 Prohibited Activities: -Airport Ownership, management, maintenance -Owning,

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