CIVA Report by Mike Gallaway

The 2021 CIVA Pleanry meeting was once again held as an online meeting.   Actually it works very well albeit I have to wake up at 4am each day. There were 27 Nations represented and 45 total participants if you include observers, Monique Hartman attended as an observer. The official minutes will be available in the

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Lone Star Club Board Meeting November 22, 2021

-Call the Meeting to Order  Tom Rhodes -Secretary’s Report -Minutes from the April 17, 2021 Meeting Erick McDaniel -LSAC Treasurer’s Report Erick McDaniel -Bank Account -CD -Texas Series Championships Trophies Doug Jenkins -Lone Star Championship Contest Erick McDaniel -Location -Dates -Conversation with airport manger. Briefing Sheet -CIVA Report Mike Gallaway -APA at NT Regional Renewed

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Oshkosh November 11, 2021 Hall of Fame Dinner Recap

-Honoring Vern Jobst for 2020 -Lindy Award-Adding a best static display award for an aerobatic airplane -Editor–Lorrie Penner -Sport Aerobatics Magazine-now will be sent every other month (Saving IAC around $50,000). -Chapter Chatter -In the Loop -New Committee Chairman -Judges Committee–DJ Molny -Rules Committee–Barrett Hines (If you’re a current judge this year, you only need

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Monthly Flydays!!! 2nd Saturday of every month!!!

Weather depending please plan the 2nd Saturday of every month to join the Club at North Texas Regional to practice, fly, critique, eat lunch or just hang out!!! It starts at 10:00 and finishes until 3 or whenever everyone is done!!  Lunch is included!! The Aerobatic Practice Area at Grayson has been approved and extended

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Texas Series Championship Trophies

The Lone Star Chapter, San Antonio Chapter and Houston Chapter all made donations to the Lone Star Series Trophies. First and Second Trophies for 2021 went to: Intermediate: 1st-Doug Jenkins 2nd-Jay Hanson Advanced: 1st-Klayton Kirkland 2nd-Julia Wood

Hill Country Hammerfest and Texas Championship Series Wrap-Up!

October 14th-16th 2021 saw IAC Chapter 107 hold its annual Hill Country Hammerfest contest in beautiful Llano, Texas. This year’s event attracted seventeen pilots competing in Primary through Advanced and flying airplanes ranging from a 115 HP Citabria to an Extra 330LX. There were even several bi-planes sprinkled in. But more on that later. An

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Lone Star Members did well at Nationals!!!

Congratulations to our Club Members for beautiful flying at Nationals!! Mike Hoy  Sportsman Champion!!!  First Place!! Tom Rhodes Intermediate 2nd Place!! Jay Hanson Intermediate 10th Place!! Mike Gallaway Advanced 8th Place!! Julia Wood Advanced 11th Place!!

Great Turnout at the Super D Tango!!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Super D Tango Contest at Akroville! It was a successful, safe and fun contest!! We had 23 competitions, 48 total participants, 5 Decathlons, 5 dogs, great weather, great food and great camaraderie! Everyone had their 2 flights, each in a different Decathlon with one flight from the

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