2021 R&C Exam Questions!!

December 15, 2020
Wes Liu needs would like us to submit questions!! He needs them by this week!  Send to: weston.liu@charter.net
If you didn’t like previous tests this is your chance to change it!! It only
takes a few minutes!!!!
Write, one or two multiple choice questions.  
Each multiple choice question needs 4 answer selections:  
1 correct answer, 1 almost correct answer and 2 obviously wrong answers.
Have you seen something at a contest that made you look up a rule?
How about a situation that the Judges did not quite get right under contest pressure?
Maybe a rule book content that was revised with the new format for 2020?
Areas of Judging where you have observed that your peers are weak?
A Nationals video that shows different errors by competitors?
Videos that show HZ’s vs 0.0’s?

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