December Meeting Notes and Xmas Party!

March 11, 2015

December 2014 Meeting Minutes and Elections

December 13 2014  Convened at 1:35 PM


Curt Richmond

BJ Boyle

Barbara Boyle

Meridith Benton

Darren Behm

Thomas Fitch

Eric Forsythe

Dave Honaker

Mark Killian

Chris Mundorf

Jamie Richmond

Paul Richmond

Tom Rhodes

Bill Denton

Daryle Grounds

J.J. Humphries

Craig Dobesh

Maggie Richmond

Lynda Bales

Bud Judy

Julia Wood

Tony Wood

Mark Jacobson

Dena Hanson

The weather was great, so several members got into the air to practice their skills. The club provided a fantastic BBQ lunch to celebrate the holidays.


Election of 2015 Officers

Ballots were passed out and results are:

President:    Curt Richmond

VP:                  Tom Rhodes

Treasurer:     Daryle Grounds

Secretary:      Eric Daniel


Web Site, Facebook and other communications


Julia Wood reported that the first pass at the Website has been completed. Suggestions had been made for changes and those are being completed in the near future.


Any new suggestions or possible content needs to be sent to Julia for inclusion on the site. Topics can be:


Dates for Contests

Dates for Air Shows

Pictures and Videos

Tips on Repairs

Safety Tips


There are currently 456 followers on Facebook.


2015 Budget


Suggested items for the 2015 budget need to be to Daryle Grounds, Curt Richmond or Tom Rhodes by January 15th.


Thanks from the Bonham Festival of Flight


Kate Kyer wanted to thanks the club members for their support at the Bonham Festival of Flight October 25 2014 in Bonham Texas. Over 100 Young Eagle Flights were given during the event. Thanks go to Keighley Jacboson and Barbara Boyle for handling registration and Bill Denton and Tom Rhodes for flying the Eagles. Young Eagles are between 8 and 17 of age and for many it is their first flight. The EAA Young Eagles help to promote students interest in flying and aviation.


Kate also wanted to thank the many airshow performers from IAC 24 plus the chapter members who helped on the ground. Chapter 24 pilots really comprised most of the air show:

Chet Kuhn

Curt Richmond

Darren Behm

Dave Honaker

Russell Husbands

Adam Baker

Steve Afeman

Kate Kyer


Paul Richmond and Chris Mundorf were a huge help on the ramp.


Erick McDaniel, Daryle Grounds, Ben Morphew, Kevin Lacey, BJ Boyle and a good contingent from Aero Country came out to support the Festival.

The attendance at the Festival of Flight was estimated between 5,000 and 6,000.


Safety Minute


Each meeting, the club will have a safety discussion. Safety in aerobatic flying is always the most important consideration. The club would like to increase safety awareness at every meeting with a safety tip. Members can give possible topics to Tony Wood so they can be added to the Website and Facebook.


Lone Star Aerobatic Championship – June 12 – 14 2015


Pat Clark, assistant contest director, report that progress is being made. Hotels, Hangar Space and other logistical issues have been researched. The next step is to secure a Waiver for the Midway Airport. We will also keep our options open to be at North Texas Regional if the waiver cannot be secured for Midway.


The WAC team is also talking about running a camp at Midway. They are looking to Chapter 24 to help with box markers. More to come on this item.


One Design Contest


The club will be sponsoring a One-Design Contest the second Saturday in July at Akroville. More information to follow.


Adjourned 2:45 pm.

Upcoming Events

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