Summer Hangar Party at Barstool Ranch Air Park 51TE Waxahachie!!! June 20th!

June 8, 2015

Flyday/Party at Ron Barson’s (Barstool) in Waxahachie (51TE)  Gorgeous grass runway!  4pm Till The Cows Come Home!!!

I’m having a party at my place in Waxahachie June 20th.  I live in the county, with a airport friendly environment, if it ever stops raining. If some of the members would like to do some flying-airshow stuff, I would be happy to buy their gas, food, drinks and lodging.

Thank you. Ron Barson- Barstool   214-384-4513

5 miles NE of Waxahachie  3 miles E of O’Brien Air Park

Runway 10/28  2080 x 90 turf


105 Ridgecrest Drive, Waxahachie, TX

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