November Board Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2019

Meeting Minutes

IAC Chapter 24 – Lone Star Aerobatic Club BOD Meeting – November 2, 2019 Frisco Gun Club

Present Board Members: Curt Richmond, Tom Rhodes, Bill Denton, Tony Wood, Pat Clark IAC24 Members in attendance: Erick McDaniel, Jennifer McDaniel

Absent: Mike Galloway, Julia Wood (Tony Wood Proxy) 12:25PM- Meeting called to order by Chapter 24 President Tom Rhodes

12:26PM- Tom Rhodes opened with discussion about a Judges School, dates and locations considered

12:30PM- Tom Rhodes opened a discussion on Lone Star 2020.
-Venues discussed, KGYI is not in play even though the box is back in operation due to traffic -Venue will most likely end up being Breckenridge, TX.
-Tony Wood has accepted the position of Contest Director

12:40PM – Tom Rhodes opened a review of by-law’s and updates/simplification of current by-laws. -Discussion on how the BOD and officer’s of IAC24 are elected and appointed
-Open BOD position to be put out to the membership
-Plan a by-law discussion and update with the membership at November 19 meeting

1:01PM – Treasury Report by Erick McDaniel
-Checking account has $5,781 as of October 2019
-CD has $70-75K, is about to expire in 2-3 weeks. CD will be sold and money invested in new CD, and is being managed by Charles Schwab via Tony and Julia Wood. Board will be informed when CD is sold regarding rates and new purchasing opportunities prior to a new CD for accountability to membership
-Number of members that paid dues in 2019 is 31 total, $903 total dues income
-Discussion of setting up a new Paypal account for IAC24 so that previous treasurer name is removed from account
-Financial review of Lone Star 2019, $4,200 operating expenses, $3,495 income

1:30PM – Tom Rhodes opened a discussion about available aviation scholarships and how IAC24 can get involved. The BOD reviewed some articles about some recent EAA and AOPA scholarships that were awarded to different upcoming pilots for various purposes.

1:45PM – Tom Rhodes opened a discussion on pipeline opportunities for new members.

1:47PM – Tom Rhodes opened a discussion on scheduling an F-35 JSF Plant tour for IAC24 members.

1:50PM – Tom Rhodes presented the updated information on the aerobatic box at KGYI, including the new waiver and limitations of use. The special provisions were reviewed by the BOD to see if they were all in the best interest of our membership.


The meeting was called to a close at 2:02PM by Tom Rhodes

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