Ranger Old School Fly-In and Airshow #11, October 6-8 (F23)

October 6, 2017

Old school Fly-In & Airshow No.11 (F23) Ranger, Airfield

October 6-8

Fly-ins: No attendance fee

Saturday Drive-ins: Adults $10, kids 17 and under free

Gate opens 9 a.m.

Friday October 6

  • Arrivals begin in the afternoon

  • Biplane Rides

  • 5:00 p.m. Hamburgers ($5 donation)

  • 6:30 p.m. – 30 minute airshow (airfield CLOSED 6:30 – 7:00)

  • Fire pit & drinks

Saturday October 7

  • 11:30 a.m. Choice, slow-smoked brisket ($10 donation, while it lasts)

  • 1:00 p.m. – Short airshow (airfield CLOSED 1:00 – 2:00)

  • Flying

  • Biplane Rides after airshow until sunset

  • Dinner run to Mary’s Café – Strawn, TX

  • Fire pit & drinks

Sunday October 8

  • Breakfast

  • Flying

  • Biplane Rides

Showers available for campers

Rides to hotels

Pilots, please RSVP for planning purposes: Send RSVP

*Radial and inline-powered aircraft pilots and passengers eat BBQ lunch free*

26 radials attended 2016!​

It has been asked when is the best time to arrive on Friday. I would make plans to arrive after 3:00. Keep in mind pilots should arrive before 6:30 as the field will be CLOSED from 6:30p-7:00p Friday evening for a short airshow. Sunset is 7:12 so there will be a window to arrive or depart after the show. Beers and liquor will be enjoyed by friends. If we have not met all you need to do is introduce yourself and you will be welcome to partake. The fire will be burning until the last person calls it a night.

If you plan to camp, showers will be available Saturday morning at Ranger College (right next to the airfield). If you are staying at a hotel, no problem, we’ll get you set up with transportation to and from your hotel.

There will be a number of items available for breakfast Saturday & Sunday morning.

Saturday’s lunch will be served around 11:30 – choice brisket slow-smoked with pecan.

The field will be CLOSED Saturday at 1:00p and will open immediately after the show. The airshow is less than an hour, typically three to five aerobatic acts.

For those planning to stay Saturday night, the showers and transportation will be the same as Friday. Some guests will be going to Mary’s Café in Strawn that evening. If you would like to go, talk to me about a ride. The fire pit will be burning Saturday evening for those who have had enough beef for the weekend and want to stay back. Drinks again around the pit.

Traffic is SEE and AVOID. You might hear someone offering guidance over the radio but do not plan for that. Any guidance given is only offered as support. It is each pilots responsibility to maintain distance from other aircraft. Plan to use SEE and AVOID.

Go arounds (flybys) are not discouraged so long as the pattern is flown and the pass is not downwind. Runway 1 and 19 are standard (left) pattern. Pattern altitude is 1000 ft. agl.

Main things to remember:

Field closed Friday 6:30-7:00

Field closed Saturday 1:00 to approximately 2:00

Field elevation 1470 ft.

Runway 1-19 3400 x 75 ft.

CTAF 122.9 – If you have a radio announce briefly. “Ranger traffic, Travel Air 4000 November One Two Three Four November downwind runway one-nine. Ranger traffic.” over and over can really clog up a frequency. Preferred example: “Yellow biplane, downwind one-nine” or “white cessna, downwind behind yellow biplane.”

Be looking for NORDO aircraft.

See and Avoid!  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.  Email  or  254-433-1267

Holiday Inn Express

1460 East Main St at Exit 343

Eastland, TX 76448

Call Holiday Inn direct: 254.629.8071

Sunset Inn
6750 I-20 at Exit 349
Ranger, TX 76470

La Quinta Inn & Suites
10150 I-20 at Exit 343
Eastland, TX 76448
Call La Quinta direct: 254.629.1414

Super 8

3900 I-20 East at Exit 343

Eastland, TX 76448


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