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Mike Gallaway-US Unlimited Aerobatic Team Member!

LSAC congratulates Mike Gallaway to the 2017 Unlimited Aerobatic Team! The other team members are Rob Holland, Mark Nowosielski, Jim Bourke, Mike Ciliberti, Craig Gifford, Bob Freeman and Tim Just.  Robbie Gibbs is the alternate.  Rob Holland will the the Team Captain, Coco Besiere will be the Coach and Michael Steveson will be the Team Manager.

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50 members paid for 2016!!

Chapter 24 has 50 members paid for 2016!!  This is a fun chapter with many activities!!  Let’s do all we can to expand our sport!!!

LSAC has 59 dues-paying members!!

Bales D R & Kathleen Bales Lynda Barnard Bill Behm Darren Benham Jerry Boyle B. J. & Barbara Bryan Elissa Burks Stanley Clark Pat Cleveland Brian Coggin Patric Cromer Lynn Denton Bill & Jan Dhillon Uttam & Janet Dillman, Jr. Rick Dobesh Craig Fitch Thomas Forsythe Eric Gallaway Larry Gallaway Mike Gengenbach Joseph Gillette Reid

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Bill Denton is the recipient of the 2015 Robert L. Heuer Award!

BILL DENTON IS THE RECIPIENT OF THE 2015 ROBERT L HEUER AWARD! This trophy is presented annually to an IAC aerobatic judge for outstanding performance as a judge in competition aerobatics. Bill Denton has been actively involved in the sport of competitive aerobatics for over 30 years. He has been a top judge for several

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May, 2015 Membership Total

There are 50 memberships paid or granted in 2015 there were 42 in 2014 and 51 in 2013 Michael McCarthy Tony & Julia Wood Bill Denton Stan Burks Patric Coggin Mark Jacobson Paul Richmond Elissa Bryan Shelton Stewart Devon Scott Grant Nielsen John Lill Lynn Cromer Kurt & Ehrlinda Haukohl BJ Boyle Curt Richmond DR 

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US Congress Aviation Bill-Please send your thoughts to congress!

US Congress Aviation Bill – Please Send Your Thoughts to Congress  Here in the US, the US congress is considering a bill that will have dramatic and positive effects on all of us.  Only you can send your opinion to the elected officials that vote on our behalf.  I strongly suggest that you click on the attached link

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April 2015 Member Total

There are 47 members paid or granted in 2015; There were 42 in 2014; There were 51 in 2013

Chapter 24 Statement of Activities as a recognized under Section 501(c)(7)

Activity 1. The foremost activity of Chapter 24, International Aerobatic Club, Inc. (‘the Club’) is to sponsor an annual aerobatic competition sanctioned by the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) which is a division of the Experimental Aircraft Association, a 501(c)(3) entity. Sanctions to conduct a local or regional contest will absolutely not be granted by the

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