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Get Your Start! Advertising Campaign from IAC

“Get Your Start” is intended to encourage first-time participation in IAC aerobatic contests, and to lead new aerobatic pilots to long-term relationships with the IAC. All 2021 first-time contest participants will receive a special gift box from the IAC: –A personalized letter thanking the pilot for participating –Advertising flyers from the IAC, EAA, aerobatic flight

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Champ/Decathlon/Citabria Forum

There is a forum for Detathlons and Citabrias and Champs that offers some good insight.  You’ll need to register, but then any new posts will come directly to your email.

Intro to Competition Aerobatics Camp–March 19-21 at KGYI

 Intro to Competition Aerobatics Camp March 19, 20, 21.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday The camp will be held at KGYI or 3TX as an alternate. This camp is designed mainly for pilots new to competition aerobatics. And planning to compete in either the Primary or Sportsman category. The camp will focus on your specific goals. Prerequisites:

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2021 Rule Changes

2021 Rule Changes: Advanced Free programs may have up to 14 figures (previously limit was 12 figures) Safety Pilots may not communicate with the competitor nor manipulate the controls during the Performance except as needed for safety, and any figure aided by the Safety Pilot shall be zeroed (new) The crosswind limit for Primary and

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Pandemic Judges Rule Waivers

Pandemic Rule Waivers Because there were so few contests last year, the Board of Directors temporarily relaxed the requirements for judge currency. Here are the changes to P&P 214 for 2021 only: 6.1(b)(i) is waived (minimum number of flights judged or chiefed in the previous year) 6.2(b)(ii) is extended to three (3) years for Regional

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2021 R&C Judges Exam is published

R&C Published The 2021 Revalidation and Currency Exam (“R&C”) is now available on the web site at (member login required). If you prefer paper there’s a printable version available but you’ll still need to enter your answers via the online test. In keeping with past exams, there are 25 questions and you must score

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2021 Known Sequences

  Primary B 2021 Sporstman B 2021 Intermediate Known 2021 Advanced B 2021 Unlimited 2021

2021 R&C Exam Questions!!

Wes Liu needs would like us to submit questions!! He needs them by this week!  Send to: If you didn’t like previous tests this is your chance to change it!! It only takes a few minutes!!!!   Write, one or two multiple choice questions.   Each multiple choice question needs 4 answer selections:  

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Upcoming Events

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