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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. Also,  Congratulations to Erick McDaniel and Doug Green for winning second place in the Texas Championships.  Way to go Chapter 24 guys.

Akroville Airport is now 3TX

Akroville Airport has just changed from XA68 to 3TX It is now a public airport, privately owned with prior permission required.  Nothing else is changed! The runways are still 18/36 turf, 3000′ x 60′  and 05/23 turf, 1600 x 60′ Elevation 895′ Radio Contact required prior to landing.  122.12 Be aware of cows/dogs/wildlife/rocks on and

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Chapter Members participate in the Fall Rocket Launch at Akroville!

The Tripoli Rocketry Association held their Fall Rocket Launch at Akroville Saturday, November 16th!  Erick launched his Arcus and his Southern Bell, which reached 8’500′ and over Mach 1!  Jen launched her ‘Chubby Cubby’ and gained her Level 1 Certification.  Tom Rhodes, David Valaer, DR Bales and Julia and Tony Wood cheered them on!

Many Scholarships are Available!

Don’t forget that there are many scholarships that go unnoticed and un-awarded every year!  Please search for aviation scholarships if you or someone you know would like some financial help with training!!  Here are a few: Ray Scholars Aviation Scholarships Doug Yost Memorial Aerobatic Scholarship contact Justin Hickson, 651/338-3345 CP Aviation Vicki Cruse Emergency Maneuver

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Non-Flying Award Nominations are Open!!

It’s time to give recognition to outstanding IAC members who spend their valuable time volunteering for the benefit of others in the aerobatic sport! You can make an online nomination here: Frank Price Cub-Contributed the most to the sport in the last year. Robert L. Heuer Award for Judging Excellence-Outstanding Aerobatic Judge of the

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Chapter 24 Members Shine at US Nationals!!

Congratulations to our President and Vice-President with their 1st Place Trophies at Nationals!!! Chapter 24 President Tom Rhodes won First Place in Intermediate! Chapter 24 Vice-President David Valaer won First Place in Sportsman!! The Nationals were held for the first time in Salina, Kansas and Chapter 24 had a good contingent competing there!  Everyone felt

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