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2020 Free Programs need to be redone on new forms!!

New 2020 Presentation K values and New Form As!!! The Presentation K values for all flight programs have been updated this year.  So, all  Free Programs must be redone on the new forms, checked by a 2020 current Judge, and freshly signed-off. Also, hand-written updates to the Presentation and  Presentation blocks on the Form A

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–CANCELLED–Ottawa Kansas, June 5th-6th!! KOWI

–CANCELLED– The State of Kansas Reopening Plan due to Covid19 is delayed and they are unable to hold the contest.  However, please plan on attending in 2019! Finally…a 2020 Contest!!  We will have a large Chapter24 Contingent going!  And a large Texas group!!  Here’s the info: Harold Neumann Barnstormer Contest!!  Hosted by the Kansas City

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Lone Star Contest Cancelled

We are sorry to say that it’s official, we had to cancel the Lone Star Contest.   We were waiting as long as we could, but finally admit that it’s still not quite safe to hold it. We had every AirBnb Place in Breckenridge reserved so were ready to party, but the good news is

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Early Bird Contest at Edna in Houston is Postponed

Regrettably, the local Jackson County officials have declared the county a disaster area and imposed restrictions on people gathering. Therefore, the Early Bird Contest will be cancelled for now and rescheduled at a later date. If anyone is interested in participating in a practice day on Saturday the 4th of April please let me know.

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2020 Aerobatic Contest Map

Here is a link to the current 2020 Contests!  An easy place to research the contests closest to you!!  

Early Bird Aerobatic Contest, Edna, Texas (26R)

Please join us in April for the Early Bird contest held in the Best Box in Texas, located at Jackson County airport  (26R) in Edna, Texas. The competition dates are 4/3/20 – 4/4/20 with a practice/registration day of 4/2/20 and a rain day of 4/5/20. Practice/Registration Thursday, April 2nd. Contest Friday, Saturday April 3rd, 4th.

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Texas Championship Series!! Early Bird, Lone Star, Hammefest!!

The Texas Championship Series has been set with: Chapter 25’s Early Bird Contest in Edna, Tx. 26R on April 2-4, Then our Lone StarCcontest in Breckenridge, Tx KBKD on May 14-16 and finally, Hammerfest Contest in Llano, Tx KAQO on October 15-17. Very nice trophies for the winners of the Texas Championship!! You must compete

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2020 Known Sequences are posted!

2020 Known Sequences: (Note Advanced is the Version 2, updated February 6, 2020) Primary Known 2020 Sportsman Known 2020 Intermediate Known 2020 Advanced Known V2 2020 Unlimited Known 2020  

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