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Hammerfest Contest in Llano, October 15-17 (KAQO)

Hammerfest 2020 is a go!  We have gone to school on best practices and discussed it as a Chapter and feel that we can hold a fun and safe contest. Obviously we are not in possession of any crystal balls or precognitive ability so we are still unable to predict the future and we recognize

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First Contest of the season was the High Planes Hotpoxia Fest!

IAC Chapter 12 broke the contest dry spell and opened up the possibility that the 2020 Regional Series might still be possible when they hosted the Contest July 17-19th. It still remains to be seen how the COVID-19 guidelines will affect the rest of the season. Because participants in each Region must fly in at

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US National Aerobatic Championship is Cancelled

After much research, debate, and discussion with City of Salina officials and EAA leadership, the IAC Board of Directors has determined that it will be in the best interest of the safety of all who attend our U.S. Nationals that our premier event is cancelled for 2020. We regret having this decision to make and

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Super D Tango is Cancelled

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is spreading in Texas and our Governor just sent out an order yesterday against gatherings etc. The Chapter 24 Boatd held a phone meeting last night and decided that it is best to cancel the contest. We will plan on it for 2021.

2020 Free Programs need to be redone on new forms!!

New 2020 Presentation K values and New Form As!!! The Presentation K values for all flight programs have been updated this year.  So, all  Free Programs must be redone on the new forms, checked by a 2020 current Judge, and freshly signed-off. Also, hand-written updates to the Presentation and  Presentation blocks on the Form A

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–CANCELLED–Ottawa Kansas, June 5th-6th!! KOWI

–CANCELLED– The State of Kansas Reopening Plan due to Covid19 is delayed and they are unable to hold the contest.  However, please plan on attending in 2019! Finally…a 2020 Contest!!  We will have a large Chapter24 Contingent going!  And a large Texas group!!  Here’s the info: Harold Neumann Barnstormer Contest!!  Hosted by the Kansas City

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Lone Star Contest Cancelled

We are sorry to say that it’s official, we had to cancel the Lone Star Contest.   We were waiting as long as we could, but finally admit that it’s still not quite safe to hold it. We had every AirBnb Place in Breckenridge reserved so were ready to party, but the good news is

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