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December Chapter Meeting Notes!!

IAC Chapter 24 Annual Membership Meeting  December 1, 2018 THANK YOU To Curt Richmond for a great job as our Chapter 24 President for the past several years!! WEBSITE Please send information and pictures of what is happening in the aerobatic world to Please check out your pictures.  If you want to change your

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Chapter 24 Meeting Saturday December 1st!

Chapter 24 Meeting!!!!!   If you will be attending: Please Reply. YES. to Saturday, December 1st at Noon Tom Rhodes House:  3517 Drexel Dr.  Dallas, Tx. 75205. Spouses, friends and children are invited!  We will handle the children. We really need you at this meeting because we need your input on these subjects. Discussion Topics:

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Winter Club Meeting Survey

Your club leadership is in the planning stages of putting together a winter club meeting, and in order to maximize attendance, we would like your feedback. If you have a brief moment, please reply to: Would you prefer to do either a Friday evening dinner, or a Saturday morning brunch? Based on the majority

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March Meeting Minutes!

Lone Star Aerobatic Club – IAC 24 Chapter Meeting Minutes March Fly-Day and Meeting @ KGYI – Sherman TX March 24, 2018 Minutes to the Board Meeting for Chapter 24 on March 24, 2018 at 12:15PM. Club Leadership In attendance: Curt Richmond (President), Tom Rhodes (Vice President), Erick McDaniel (Secretary), Opening: Chapter 24 Members Present:

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Chapter Meeting and Flyday March 24th!!

The season is fast approaching!!  It is time to get started flying!  Mark your calendars for our first flyway/meeting of the flying season!   Saturday, March 24th @ 12:00 at KGYI in our room at Mike Plyer’s Hangar! We can fly before and after the meeting!! See you there!!

December 2017 Chapter Meeting Minutes

Chapter 24 held the 2017 Christmas Party at Akroville, home to Tony and Julia Wood, to share in holiday fellowship and discuss future ideas for Chapter 24! Minutes to the Board Meeting for Chapter 24 on December 9, 2017 at 1:00PM. Club Leadership In attendance: Curt Richmond (President), Daryle Grounds (Treasurer) , Erick McDaniel (Secretary),

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Chapter Christmas Party, Fly-In and Meeting December 9th at Akroville!

DECEMBER 9TH SATURDAY!!—Akroville (XA68) —All Day!!  Fly-in any time for practice and critiquing!       –Judges and potential judges please attend for practice judging!— —1pm:  Chapter Meeting!  Lunch will be provided! —Sunset!!  CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!  Lots of Food, Fun and Freshments! No need to bring anything except your holiday spirit!! Email or call for info on spending the night!

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 25 October 2017

Chapter 24 held a board meeting last Thursday to discuss plans for the upcoming year and ideas for the chapter! Minutes to the Board Meeting for Chapter 24 on October 25, 2017 at 7:15 pm In attendance:  Curt Richmond (President), Bill Denton, Tom Rhodes (Vice-President), Mike Galloway, Daryle Grounds (Treasurer) ,Pat Clark and Julia Wood

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